Use Creativity To Heal Your Mind

Oh one of my favorite cards! CREATIVITY.
Yes I am the Artist type but creativity comes in many forms.

Today Gabriel brings in the message of CREATIVITY but in the way of a mind-set, not by doing something physical.

There are things we see in the world that are upsetting and it’s really hard to wipe those thoughts out of our mind. Today, Gabriel is asking you to get creative and THINK of different ways to clear your mind and in turn, healing your heart.

I personally turn to color. I find comfort in color and when I think about it, it calms my mind, especially certain hues.

How are you going to creatively clear your mind?


2 thoughts on “Use Creativity To Heal Your Mind

  1. 6/15/2016 – Hello and good morning Donna, I am one of your newest blog readers and agreed that your reading card of the day – creativity – indeed is my latest method of healing for the past two days where I am allowed to express using my colored markers coloring a mandala as a gift for someone I know as my way of expressing compassion.

    • Well welcome Christy!! I love getting creative with color – it’s actually what I do for my profession as a Color Expert. I LOVE when people give the gift of art to others. Good for you and what a special gift that is ❤

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