Oh Smudge Wand, Why Do You Have To Smell Like Pot When You Burn?

Oh I LOVE my smudge wands and make my own however, when I burn them outside my neighbors think I’m smoking pot!

Right? Who here uses a smudge wand? Probably most of you. Don’t you love the way it smells?

I make my own wands. I add my own Rosemary, homegrown Sage and Lavender – all from my garden.

Not only is it good to smudge but in the evening, it keeps the bugs away.

The other night my son comes outside when I was relaxing and burning my wand in the fire pit and he says, “Mom!!!! Are you smoking pot?”

Really kid????

Lol, totally funny and he’s right. It does have … a very familiar smell however, it’s just a smudge wand folks 🙂



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