How Mediums Read People

Emotions are a hard thing to hide aren’t they. I myself, can never play poker because you can tell what I’m thinking just by looking at my face and body language.


What does your body language say?


• Crinkled nose? Confused about something?

• Slight smile? Content and happy?

• Chin up? Empowered?

• Eyebrows up? Excited?

• Crossed arms? What are holding back?

• Hunched shoulders? What burdens are you carrying?

• Lip biter? Why so anxious?

Facial expressions and body language are how we read people. Body language is hugely important when we are connecting with others to help them either in a reading or just as friends. This is what Mediums do. We go above the norm and tap into senses and visuals that other people may miss.

It’s a good thing to practice and to even be aware of your body language:-)

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