There Is No “I” In Channel

I received an email today asking me how do I know when a channel is coming in, what does it feel like and how do I know it’s not just words in my head.

Big question right?

Well the answer is pretty simple.


Simply put, there is no “I” in the word CHANNEL.

In other words, in a true channel you’ll hear sentences like:

  • You’ll feel …
  • You’ll want to
  • You can do …

but never

  • I feel …
  • I want to …
  • I can do …

See the difference? I told you it was simple. No ego in channeled messages just words from the heart. Oh and there is no “I” in HEART either 🙂

3 thoughts on “There Is No “I” In Channel

  1. Hi Donna, while I agree with you for the most part, my experience has occasionally been different. There certainly is no ego in heart or channel. But, I have channeled messages in the first person several times. I suppose it depends honestly on how you are channeling and why. When, for instance, I am channeling advice or words of wisdom from my guides, it is as you explained really well all in second person. It is all in terms of “you” and not “I”. And, I have also channeled memories for my guides, so I can be a voice for things they never got to say, so I can help remember them. It helps me get much closer to them, it allows them a space in a physical world. Their words often end up on my blog in poetry and I am very humbled that they trust me with their emotions and experiences, particularly the difficult ones. I get out of the way, they merge with my energy field and write in first person. I guess you can say that the word I is there, but no me.

    • You are absolutely right Eilis. When I channel my Higher Self, there will of course be “I’s” in there because it’s coming from part of me. Good point -thank you!

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