Are You Feeling The Energy Shift?

Doesn’t it feel like there is SOMEONE always talking about the energy shift? Well I get tired of hearing about them too but when the shift feels good and it’s up – then I’m all over that!

I’m not going to Google the moon phase today because I’m relying on my body, senses and just me to determine what the phases are. Besides, who really cares what they are it’s how you feel in the here and now that matter.

Having said that, I FEEL GREAT!!! I’m hoping you all are tapping into the goodness too. It’s there – just grab it!


2 thoughts on “Are You Feeling The Energy Shift?

  1. i absolutely love that flower, and it’s orange. One of the colors you said I need to “swim in.” Ha! I have been basically detoxing lately. I have some things that I have been working on, besides my problem shakras. But it’s going to be great to finally be rid of the old mess. I so enjoy reading your posts. I have learned so much. Love and Blessings! LInda

    • You’re so awesome Linda. That flower is a snip-it of art I did for a client. I didn’t realize the color really but we choose the colors that our chakras crave. I hope it worked for you and I know it’s working for me.

      I took worked on DETOX big time which is why I feel so good now. I had to cut a very thick cord this week and it took a few days but it’s done and I feel great. Life is pretty darn amazing isn’t it 🙂

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