Ask Your Higher Self What Is The Essence of You

On another blog I read, Yellow Wolf Enlightenment, I read Julia’s post and it was about Value. Not just about values and what that means to her but she asked her Higher Self some questions and for some pretty interesting answers.


It’s one thing to ask yourself questions to get an answer but it’s better to ask your Higher Self to get the right answers.

Julia’s blog prompted me to ask my Higher Self a few questions as well. One of which was, “what can  I do better?” Here’s what I heard.

I sat in my cream colored fuzzy chair and the first thing I saw was a thermometer. I felt my face crinkle with confusion. Before I could say “what?” I heard “its you, not as in hot or cold but as in up and down.” 

I saw the night stars then I saw earth and the trees. I went back up to the stars then back down to earth.

Up and down, up and down, up and down I went. It was pretty but I was getting dizzy!

What’s this all about???

Then I hear, “Donna (kinda of funny that ME was referring to me as Donna) you have to do more of what’s in your heart.”

I also saw other words but I didn’t write them down so I forgot them!! One was POWERFUL and there was another word that I can’t remember but it was an odd word, one that I’d have to look up to make sure of the definition. Why did I not have paper with me??? Next time I’ll know.

Anyway, the gist of this message was that I have much to offer from the Higher Realm and that I have a great connection with that Realm.

The visual of the up and down showed me that I get so much information from the Higher Realm and bring it down and translate it to the Earth level to teach – that’s pretty wild when you think about it! Like a little Messenger – well actually, that is what a Medium is. One who is in the “middle” to receive then to give information. Now that note was really cool!

We are all human and it’s a constant struggle for anyone walking this path no matter how long you’ve been Awakened. Lessons are always learned.

The past few days or so there was something irking me from some people also walking this path. I as a human reacted and felt all those emotions that I needed to let out. The super cool thing is that for not only me but for many of us this week, the message was to DETOX. So here the Universe is saying to me that it’s ok and very much needed to vent and say your words but then to detox, cut cords, heal and move on. In that process we grow both as individuals and Spiritually.

One of my BIGGEST peeves is this. I NEVER trust any awakened person who is all one sided. Life, no matter what your path is, it’s NOT always Unicorns and lollipops and beware of the people who are all one-sided like that.

If you read on my posts here you’ll see a variety of “temperatures” lets say since the thermometer was referenced here, to express my thoughts for the day. Some were hot some were cold and some were just right. That my friends, is called balance. Look for blogs that show all sides of themselves and those are the people who have much to offer.

Did you see the full moon last night and the post I wrote about energy and the shift? I find out that it was indeed a full moon and I could tell by the way I felt. That is the way to test your gifts and know what you feel is legit. It was THEE perfect time to release and start not new but seasoned.

Anyway, to summarize all this, I let go of many things this week. I cut cords with some people that had some pretty big egos, I went through my facebook friends list, my blog bookmark roll, my Youtube channel and even the cabinets in my kitchen! I tossed all that no longer serves me and people, it feels great!!!!!

The new moon is a great time for all this but keeping in mind my message from my Higher Self is key. This is what I have to reflect on:

Do what you have to do for that balance but always go back to what’s in your heart because there, it’s where the true messages lie. Once you release, pull back into your heart.

So how ’bout them apples? Cool beans aye? Now what does your Higher Self have to say to you?


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