Completing Messages: It’s All About Timing

When I receive messages for myself, obviously I get them instantly. Read, processed and understood. When I get message to give to other people, it’s all about timing.

When is the right time to give messages to others?


During the full moon in June, I got a very profound message and you can read that post here: Who Am I? You’ll have to read that post before understanding the rest of this post.

So I go back to that store (I told you that you have to read the post) and see the woman who Spirit told me was an “Angel.”

Now’s my chance!!!! It’s 7am Monday morning and I have the store to myself and she is the only person at the register.

As she’s checking out my groceries, I just came out and told her about my experience. I went onto mention that she had an incredible energy and I had a message for her but I first had to tell her who I was (again, read the post please.)

My entire body was full of goose bumps – even my face!!!!! I showed her my arm and all my goose bumps as I told my message to her.

She was overjoyed with this message and kept saying, “Praise Jesus, praise the Holy Spirit!”

At one point she bows her head as in prayer, arms extended and just paused as if soaking up the Angelic energy that was in the supermarket.

How does this stuff happen, I ask myself? Look, we are in the middle of a food store and amazing Angelic happenings are front and center.

It’s all about timing, messages and the Angels.

Oh and guess what? Today, the day that I delivered this message to my Angel, it’s another full moon. I received the first messages also, on a full moon.

Now, I feel light, lifted and hold a special warmth in my heart for not only my Angel but the fact that Spirit came in SO strongly and directed the timing of this event.

How beautiful is this?



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