Experiencing Thin Realms As Summer Solstice Peaks

With my black baggy shorts and my teal tank top on,  I enjoy the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. It was a warm day but not too hot, nevertheless, my loose clothing felt very comfortable as I enjoyed my time outside.

I was determined on my path, my head was strong in focus, nose down to the ground as I walked. I looked up and saw a very large spider web, you know the kind that looks like lace stop sign? Without hesitation, I walked right through it.


Swoosh! I heard the sound of the web break apart and felt it stick to my skin.

My stride never broke. I kept on walking not even giving that experience a second thought.

Normally I would have been screaming like a little girl. I would have NEVER knowingly walked through a spider web let along walking through with confidence.

So what’s so amazing about this experience? It never happened yet, it did.

Yesterday, the day of a very strong and “interesting” energy, several odd things happened and it all had to do with time.

I spoke about time in several posts here before so if you read back, you’ll find out more about Time Slips and Timeline Jumps.

Did I walk through that spider web? I sure did! I felt me, I saw my clothes, I saw the web, I heard the sound it made as I walked through it. I even remember being proud of myself for walking through the web without being scared. There are only two things on the entire earth that I’m a fraud of, #1 is Cancer and #2 are spiders. So, do you think I’d knowingly walk through a web? Hell no!!!! Yet I swear I did – somewhere.

This is one of those times where dreams are more than dream, less than an OBE yet more than a Lucid dream. It felt so real, yet it didn’t happen – at least now in time as we know it.

Also yesterday, I had another weird time experience, in the NOW, in this realm. Here’s what happened:

Hubs and I were watching a TV show and I SWEAR we watched it together before. We had a conversation that just stood my hair up. It was the SAME questions about some actors that I KNOW we had before – recently, about three weeks ago or so. As the convo is going down, I’m looking at my husband like he had three heads or was having a stroke. I looked at him and asked “why are you asking me all this again? We JUST talked about this show about 2-3 weeks ago. Don’t you remember?” He said, “Donna, this is only the 2nd time I saw this show and the first time was only about 15 minutes or so in passing. I don’t know anything about it.”

So I totally freaked because either A, Hubs is getting dementia or B we DID have this conversation again – but for me, it was the 2nd time.

So that was my Summer Solstice day. It was filled with tons of a new energy, some doors to other plains were super thin and I walked in or next to, two of them.

I’m keeping my eyes and senses peeled because I have a feeling that was just the tip of the ice burg.

5 thoughts on “Experiencing Thin Realms As Summer Solstice Peaks

      • Just people telling me they had deja vu conversations, I am an Intuitive Reader so when my friends, family or clients have something “weird” happen to them they tell me. The energy was so heightened yesterday that people with even slightly psychic ability had the volume turned up to the point where deja vu happened. Although, I was just told your main ability is empathy so having a deja vu experience was something new for you, even though you are very intune with angelic energy.

      • I love hearing stories about experiences like this Kathryn, it gets more in to the nuts and bolts of the Spiritual world.

        Thank you for telling me that other people were heighten yesterday as well, they had to be – it just felt so good didn’t it?

        It’s funny, I know clairvoyance is a very strong gift for me but clairsentience is coming up real close. Thank you so much for the insights – I appreciate it ❤

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