Messages From The Angels: They’re Hidden In Time

It happens to all of us. We look at the clock and see 11:11 or 2:22, 3:33. 4:44 everyday. We are constantly seeing the same numbers over and over and over again. What is the REAL reason we are seeing these number sequences and what do they mean?

Well, my Angels gave me a really big hint today!


During this mornings meditation something pretty amazing happened. I went to my home office at 6:30, opened the window so I can hear the birds and then sat in my cream colored, fuzzy meditation chair.

I didn’t have any candles on or crystals near I just wanted to clear my mind and connect with my Angels. Just basic stuff.

“What is the message for today?” I asked.

Then I saw a card lay-out.

Ok. We’re going to do a card reading this morning?

I looked at the layout they gave me and I heard “clock” and “time.”

This makes perfect sense because for me, time has been VERY VERY weird recently and it’s  for a reason.

Look at these blog posts before moving on.

I didn’t realize I had so many posts on time until I did a search – and there’s more but I just didn’t add them here. I will however, add a TIME category on this blog so you can see all of them.

There was a BIG message here and I didn’t even see it!!! What is it? TIME.

Here is the card layout that I was shown. This layout is a clock with one card in the center, which is the main message about this layout. You can’t see the cards very well but that doesn’t matter right now however the card that does matter, is in the center.


    If you see 7:11 read the card that is on the 7.
  • 11 is closer to the number 10 so read the 2 card.
  • Like this:
    Read the 7 card and the 2 card. Think TIME not numbers


You can’t see it well and I apologize for that but the center card is coincidentally, the UNWIND card! Another TIME reference. To WIND your clock or watch? Get it? Pretty darn cool don’t you think. If this message was any clearer I think the Angels themselves would come down from the heavens and bop me in the head. I hear, “finally, she got it!!!!!!”


Angel Oracle cards are from

So how do you use this information? Whenever you keep seeing those number sequences, lay out your cards like a clock. If you see 4:44 then go to card clock and map out where 4:44 or whatever your time is, and see what two cards it is. THAT is the message that your Angels are trying to tell you … time and time again.

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4 thoughts on “Messages From The Angels: They’re Hidden In Time

  1. Brilliant! G ood job…I thought about an analog clock layout the other day, perhaps I dreamed I have the flu and have been really sick for several days. You hit the nail on the head. I have to try this. Thanks.

  2. So not only are we reading the 2 “number/time” cards but the center card as well? Does the center card explain the other 2 more thoroughly or each has their own message?

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