“Keep Your Eyes Open So You Can See Dual Worlds”

I wanted to share something with you. Last Friday when I was doing a morning meditation something pretty cool happened. I was holding a clear quartz crystal about 3″ long in my hand. I opened my eyes and looked at it. You know how when you look at something and stare at it for a while you get “daydream eyes” and you see two images? Well that happened.


Nothing unusual right? Well I’m looking at the two images of the crystal and both remained in clear focus. I looked at the one on the left then moved my eyes and looked at the one on the right. Now this is weird because for me, when I get dreamy eyes like that one pops out of focus and then there is just the original image – not this time.

As I looked clearly as both images of the crystals I heard “from now on, meditate with your eyes open so you can see dual worlds.”

What do you think about that?

6 thoughts on ““Keep Your Eyes Open So You Can See Dual Worlds”

  1. This may be about the polarity being expressed this year. Many people are choosing sides based on how they see themselves (us versus them). Few feel that we are ONE. I’ve been sensing this for a while. Mother Earth is ascending and those of us gridded to her will see it very clearly.

    • Hi Pamela. That’s a very great interpretation of this but I’m not sure. I didn’t have time yet to process this. Why would we be shown two of something?

      A facebook friend of mine said she was bird watching the other day and a Red Winged Black bird split -not in half but she saw two!

      My thoughts for now? I feel that the other dimensions are either thinning, getting closer or some of us as you say who are ascending will be able to SEE more. Why? That I’m not sure of yet.

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