What Is YOUR Happy?

Do you know how excited we get when we find money at the bottom of a purse or in the pocket of an old pair of jeans or even some loose change in the sofa?

It usually doesn’t add up to any huge finds but we get so happy that we found some money. Big deal, we found 50¢ or a $1 maybe if you’re lucky you found a $5 bill in your jeans.

This got me to thinking. How much makes YOU happy? Better yet WHAT makes you happy? “Treasure” the little things in life because they are the findings that matter 

What is your happy?

6 thoughts on “What Is YOUR Happy?

  1. Oh…my goodness, Donna, I just created a new list of WHAT makes me happy yesterday…ummm…will share them with you later when I am done with the list. ❤💖❤💖❤💖 Christy

  2. I know that our posts always makes me happy. I love the butterfly in your photo. I have a lot of Monarchs around here now. I decided recently that I wanted to make a fairy house. I have been doing that. I was guided to the most beautiful little stones to put on it. We have some quarts looking stones in our gravel drives. I have been finding beautiful little rocks in my driveways since. I plan to make one for my grand daughter next. I have not doubt that my faeries are guiding me on this adventure!

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