Water: It’s A Complicated Element

Water can be complex. It’s beautiful yet it can look ugly. It makes us feel good yet we can die in it. It’s warm yet it can be too cold for us to survive. Why is the Water Element so complex and how can help us in our Spiritual path?

The water element is all about reflection

Water: we can’t live without it. We are so drawn to it yet it holds a power that can take our lives. Why do we love this element so much? What is it about water that we are so drawn to? What else do we know about water that can help us in our Spiritual path?

Water comes in many forms from straight out of our sink to rivers, stream, lakes, ponds, puddles, oceans, rain and waterfalls. You can find some form of water just about everywhere.

On a physical level, we can’t live without it. On a Spiritual level it’s vital.

Water appeals to so many of our senses from touch, smell, sight and sound. It really covers just about all of them.

Visually, it even presents in many colors from deep muddy browns and blacks to crystal ice blue.

It also changes form, from liquid, steam, fog, mist, ice and snow. Pretty cool that one element can do so much.

That’s all find and dandy and pretty obvious when it comes to seeing and thinking about water but my point today – not so obvious.

With an element such as water being so versatile and affects so many of our senses, it’s bound to be a very important addition in our Spiritual rituals.

Think about this for a moment.

Water as we know is highly reflective. Look at the photograph that I have above. The water is literally like a mirror. See how beautiful it reflects the sky? Sometimes you can take a photo where the water is so still that you can’t tell the difference from the water or the sky. That can be tricky!

So we know that water reflects OUT but is also reflects IN.

What’s under the water that we can’t see? All kinds of stuff!!!

If we go under the water we see all the murkiness of the sand or rocks on the bottom. We can see the slimy rocks or the algae floating around. If you’re in a lake perhaps there are plants that have other organisms growing off them. You can see fish, sea life, shells and all kinds of things that lurk under the water. There’s an entire world waiting to be discovered right underneath all that beautiful surface image that we initially see.

How does this relate to our Spiritual path?

When it comes to the Element of Water, if not only reflects OUT

but it also reflects IN. 

Things appear one way on the outside but what’s really underneath it all? What do we keep hidden under our beautiful facade?

To help bring things to the surface, work with the Element of Water. 

You can incorporate it in so many ways from having a fountain in your meditation room or just having a bowl of water to either look in or touch.

Ask yourself:

  • What do I see when I look in the reflective surface of water?
  • What changes do I feel I need to better myself?
  • What needs to surface that I have lurking below my surface?
  • What do think of when I see water?
  • What does water feel like to me?
  • What memories surface when I see water?
  • Why do I like water?
  • Why am I afraid of water?
  • Why do I like cold water?
  • Why do I like hot or warm water?
  • What do I want to reflect out when I’m in public?
  • How do I see myself?

See how complicated water can be? So much to think about. So much to feel. So much to bring to the surface. See how beneficial it can be when working on your Spiritual path?

  • Is your water clear or murky?
  • Is your water stagnant or does it flow freely?

Lots to think about here. Take some photographs of water and see how you feel when you see it in different forms. Study water. Feel it. Drink it. Know it.

The more you know about water, the more you’ll discover about you.


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