I Was Told There Is HOPE

I went to the store this morning to pick up a few things. Luckily, the store is only 1 mile from my house.

I get outside and already feel the weight of the world. My chest starting getting heavy, I breathe it out.

the angels say that there is hope

In the store I go. Just looking around I can feel all the negative forces swirling around the store – it was horrible!!!!

Breathing is getting harder and harder.

As I passed each person I could feel their worries, worries of school, money, friends, weight issues, time issues, hate for one reason or another was so prominent as I walked the store.


Thank goodness I only had two items to buy and self checkout was open. I tried getting out of there as fast as I could.

As I left the store I see a HUGE tiger with its mouth wide open, fiercely growling and ready to snap.

“Holy crap!!!!!” I’m thinking. What the hell is that???

Then the second those words entered my head and the sense of fear was stronger than I’d ever like to come in contact with again … I see this.

the angels say that there is hope

On a stifling hot day high in the 90’s and even hotter on the ground where the concrete is perfect for frying an egg, I see this. A gorgeous pink flower growing beautifully and strong out from the crack of the sidewalk. It was not wilted at all and under these circumstances, should not even be there.

The moment I saw this flower, I heard, “There is hope!”

I smiled, took a picture of this and in drove home with hope in my heart.

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