Catch and Release: An Exersise That Will Help Your Emotions

I’d like to do something special today. It’s an exercise called CATCH and RELEASE.
The first part is where you CATCH. You say all the stuff that’s bothering you then you let it go which is RELEASE.
This exercise will bring all your emotions to the surface so you are aware of them. Once you say it out loud or write it on paper, you are confronting yourself and what’s bugging you. Once you have a chat with yourself, you can release all that is upsetting you.
catch and release your emotions

See how this works? Out loud or on paper, name all the things that are on your mind that are bugging you, make you upset, ruin your day or just annoy you to the point where it’s affecting how you feel. Once you are fully aware of your yuk, RELEASE it. How? By saying something of it’s opposite, that will make you feel better thus, letting it go.
For example:
CATCH: “I’m in a horrible mood and really upset because my friend doesn’t understand me anymore. I feel like she never has time for me, she talks behind my back and I hardly see her. We’ve been friends for two years and I thought we were really close then poof – everything came to a holt. I’ve tried texting her, calling her and contacting her on Facebook but she’s always “too busy” to get together or just totally ignores me.
RELEASE: It’s really hard to let a friend go. I hold all my friends, both new and old close to me because friends come in my life for a reason. I thought long and hard about this and as much as I’d love to get together with her, too much time has gone by and it would feel awkward. I cut cords. I thought about all the good times we had and I’m thankful for that. I know she was in my life for a reason and she helped me in a way that she does’ t even realize – or ever will because she’s not around for me to tell her. I let her go because I understand that not everyone is meant to be together for the long haul. I thank her and the Universe for our time together and have room in my heart for new friends, that I know I can help like she helped me. I RELEASE.
Please try this – it feels good ❤

3 thoughts on “Catch and Release: An Exersise That Will Help Your Emotions

  1. Thank you SO much for today’s post of Catch & Release! Yesterday was my “Catch” day. I didn’t “Release” it and I paid the price of a crummy day instead of a short bit. I need to work on this for me. Thank you your writings and sharing them with us.

    • I love that this message came in today! We ALL can use this – especially the RELEASE part. If we hold on to things that upset us, that is not healthy nor healing. Think about it, deal with it and then, release it. Thank you Laura.

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