How To Find The Perfect Psychic Medium For You

Life is all about balance as we know right? This is one of the elements that to me, really make up who and what a person is.

When it comes to searching for the perfect Medium to give you a reading, there are so many factors involved and it has to do with to find the best psychic medium

Speaking of shapes, if you were to get to know me, I could call myself a “well rounded” person – maybe too well rounded, lol. Seriously though. I like to think that I am a fairly balanced individual. What do I do?

  • I indulge in cocktails
  • Love the snackies that are not good for me but working on limiting those
  • Don’t wear crystals and tons of gypsy like jewelry everyday
  • Curse like a Sailor when I get mad
  • Have an off sense of humor at times
  • Watch scary movies about zombies and monsters


YET – I have an incredible connection with Spirit. I was given the gift of several Clairs. I can go on and on here but when you have several “Clairs” all kinds of wonderful happens. I have a great sense of humor, I’m very sensitive and take many things to heart. I feel your pain when you’re not happy, my heart feels warm when you are and I get jittery when you are anxious about what’s going on in your world that is unsettling. These are all signs of a Medium who is well rounded, balanced and may be a good match for you because she is totally connected to your energy.

What’s my point? Balance, honesty and having a true connection with Spirit. Not left, right, middle type of balance but “all around” type of balance. Let’s talk about shapes and balance.

When you are looking for a Medium or Psychic Medium to do a reading for you, here are a few pointers that may help you find the best one for you and it has to do with shapes.

Circle Mediums: She just keeps going around and around, not a specific stand on anything but touches on a little of everything. She may keep saying the same thing over and over but in a different way. She does come full circle to her point but leaves much to the imagination. When you’re given so much general information, that is a very “safe” reading but doesn’t really have the ah-ha moment that you were looking for.

Triangle Mediums: They are VERY to the point and points they have, are sharp ones at that. She may tell you things that you don’t want to hear and her delivery it sharply and may not come from the heart. She has a beginning, middle and end and quickly runs through the reading with perhaps, not having your best interest in mind. You’re left with many questions and scratching your head saying, “what just happened?”

Flat Line Medium: We all know what a flat liner is right? Poor reader, she is the one that is just starting out or really isn’t a Medium at all. She is really way off on ALL of her insights and doesn’t have the connection to you that is needed for an amazing reading. She starts fast and quickly comes to an end. You’re left totally confused because everything she said, did not make any sense at all.

Rectangle Medium: Now she is very much like a Box Medium (notice I didn’t say square?) but she goes on a little too much and shares a little too much of her personal experiences. She is very wordy and says in five sentences what she should say in three. This is not story time but time to connect with Spirit to deliver only the really loving and important messages from Spirit.

Box Mediums: Anything good comes with sides, like a box. Top, sides, bottom, middle – all kinds of sides. This Medium will present several “sides” of her to show you with all kinds of goodies that are held inside just waiting to be shared with you. She’ll touch on several emotions, laugh a little, perhaps feel a bit sad or even show a little “spirited” when she delivers her reading. It’s what’s inside that box that is beautifully holding your messages from Spirit and will be delivered in a way that you need to hear it.

So which is the best shape for a Medium?

That depends on you and what you’re looking for. I feel that each of us are called to choose the Medium that Spirit feels will deliver the message to us but in the way that we need to hear it.

Some of us need a big old wing slap and hear very straight forward messages from a Triangle Medium.

Some of us are not ready to hear anything at all but are curious about our path so the Flat Line Medium is the best.

Some just want to feel love and hear other peoples stories to make a connection so the Rectangle Medium is perfect.

Some people are very a little stubborn and need to hear the same message over and over again so the Circle Medium is the choice for you.

If you’re wanting that big ah-ha moment and have asked Spirit for specific things in your life with answers you’ve been searching for a really lone time, find a Box Spirit.

You’ll be guided to the one who can help you so next time you have a reading, keep all this in mind if you feel the connection wasn’t that great. Maybe it’s all you needed to hear at the time. You were lead to that Medium for a reason so thank her and Spirit for how those messages were delivered to you.


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