A Wise One and An Eagle

I saw this image in a meditation today. It was a Wise One and an Eagle – one in the same. This is kinda spooky because when I see something and make a graphic I try to come as close as possible to what I see – this is EXACTLY what I saw right down to the old woman’s face. Makes ya go hmmmmmmm.

Wise One and an Eagle

5 thoughts on “A Wise One and An Eagle

    • I don’t know for sure Eilis. I do know that when I saw her, she was mostly light grays and white – she was not a Native American women. Why do you ask about her eyes?

      • When I read your description, I am Magent purple eyes for some reason. I’m not sure that this meant that she actually has purple eyes, but I couldn’t get out of my head that knowing the Color would be important to you somehow. It has always meant a lot to me actually. When I have seen spirits with purple eyes, they are guardians of rights of passage and between death and life. It’s a deeply transformational color. Gray is really interesting actually too. It reminds me of fog, but more than that it reminds me of mystery. Gray is a mystical color for me. When someone looks or is wearing gray, I know something more is hidden. And the white with the gray would suggest to me light hidden in shadow. I know colors mean many different things to different people, those are just my associations. But spirits and angels can appear as any color they would like I met one who would appear with either Gray or purple eyes depending on their message to me to reinforce their meaning. It was a bit uncanny, but effective. 🙂

      • Definitely no purples eyes. The message was the she was here maybe watching me like an Eagle? It was very comforting whoever it was and I still feel it was an Elder, Wise One. Oh the puzzles! 🙂

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