When Is The Best Time For Our Psychic Abilities To Kick In?

This week, I was chatting somewhere in the Facebook world about our gifts and how important it is to clear your mind. When you have a clear mind, it’s open to receive. Many people feel that this is when their gifts stop but it’s not – they are just resting. It’s imperative that you trust yourself. You have everything you need to be you!
trust your psychic abilities

I also read somewhere on FB that someone was waiting for their gifts to return. Where did they go? Nowhere! You just stopped trusting yourself. Everyday in the Spirit world is not going to be the 4th of July so stop expecting it to be.
When I watch TV I am super relaxed and it’s when my intuition really kicks in. Like yesterday I was watching The Fall on Netflix and some Detective was chatting and I looked at him and “Jesus” popped in my head. I though to myself now that was weird, he did not look like Jesus and he certainly didn’t act like Jesus so what’s with the Jesus? About 30 seconds later the conversation in the show was all about Jesus. So what was that? That is the psychic ability that we all have but we have to trust ourselves and know when to use it. If that circumstance was in a reading I’d mention, “What’s the Jesus reference here?” because obviously it was on someone’s mind.
I know things like this happen to all of us right? It’s not like you have to go reading everyone’s mind or intentionally looking to feel or hear something because that’s not going to work either. The point here is to chill, relax, go about your day and most of all, trust yourself … and your Angels.

2 thoughts on “When Is The Best Time For Our Psychic Abilities To Kick In?

  1. You are so right, Donna! When my mind is stuffed full of the “things” of life, I don’t feel very intuitive. But when I can unload those things, feel calm, and just explore, other great things happen! It is with my husband that many times I can tell him something that really makes him give me a double-look. I love those moments!

    • Sounds like you have a wonderful, loving and understanding Husband. Doesn’t that make our journey that much easier when we have their support? Thank you for your comment Kathy 🙂

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