A Message from Raphael

Raphael spoke to me today as I was taking my morning walk. I asked, “what is the message for today?” as I often do to get ready for my posts here – I didn’t hear anything back per say but “healing” which we all know about Raphael, is his main message – always.

I get back from my walk and pulled a card for the day and Raphael shows up, again.

Do we need to hear more? No. We just need to know and feel he is there.

A message from Raphael

2 thoughts on “A Message from Raphael

  1. This is so interesting. In Catholicism, Raphael is also protector of sleep and the night–he keeps you safe from nightmares and also helps one heal from troubling dreams. I have an icon of him by my bedside.

    • “Healing from troubled dreams” no matter what you require or ask for healing in, Raphael is the one to call on. He/she is known as the Angel of Healing and New Beginnings so there is really such a broad range of “healing” when you think about it. It could be anything from help with our thoughts to actually helping with a physical pain. THEE protector is Archangel Michael whom I always call upon before bed to protect as I sleep.

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