Who Is Jophiel?

The solar plexus which is right in your gut, right below your rib cage. This is one of the lower chakras that are of earths energies. When your solar plexus is out of balance, you may find yourself crossing your arms over your middle in the guard position.
Who is Jophiel

• Do I want to go forward?
• I’m afraid!
• Do I stand confidently and go ahead with my ideas, plans and thoughts or am I just not ready?
Uncross those arms, dig deep in your gut and trust yourself and your goals. Walk out from behind the insecurity of not knowing.
This is where Jophiel can help. See oversees your Solar Plexus and will help you as you stand in your power and find your Joy. Connect with all that is yellow ❤

6 thoughts on “Who Is Jophiel?

  1. I so needed this today. I am sure you remember that my issue is the Solar Plexus and Sacral area. I have been working in it. Daily talks with God and my feather angel. I even have been doing the sunshine water with my yellow crystals. I had to order some orange crystals, as I couldn’t find any locally. I have been having bladder symptoms again. (always) I have been trying to ground better too. It’s defiantly a work in progress. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with others. Love what you do!

    • Hi Linda, I’m glad you saw this – it’s a great message for me to day as well. I’ve given a little too much of my empowerment and energy away and it’s left me drained. You are 100% right when it comes to our chakras – it’s always a work in progress. Thank you!!!!!

  2. Oh, Donna. You hit it on the head today. I’m making a big step in my life and not sure if it’s going to happen. I have a lot financially on the line right now, and I’m getting really nervous about the positive outcome regardless. I’m manifesting this – it’s all good, but it going to make me have to say goodbye to some other wonderful things in my life in order for me to move into someone just as wonderful and more financially stable. I’m stuck in the feeling of ickiness, sadness, fear and excitement. I have to dissolve the sadness and fear to keep that path open. I don’t know why I woke up this morning feeling this way. Thank you for this! Very timely.

    • The Solar Plexus is the #1 chakra that most of us struggle with – after all, it’s about US and who we are, how we feel about ourselves right down to the right decisions we have to make for ourselves and our lives. Call in Jophiel and she will guide you. Look for signs of yellow butterflies, flowers, cars, anything yellow, when you are thinking about the choices you have to make. That is how our Angels communicate with us. It’s a tough one for me today as well so I am going to meditate and think about my choices that I need to make. Jophiel has a soft, loving presence and her energy is usually felt outside in Nature – which is a great place to ground and think about our next direction. Let me know how it goes for you Debi 🙂

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