Every Life Matters

Oh started my day seeing a baby bird die. I saw the poor thing last night before I went to bed and it was under shelter so I left it hoping in the morning the Mom would find her. Nope. She was just a few feet where I saw her last night, mostly dead.

Do we interfere with Nature or let Nature take it’s course? I am an avid bird watcher and this is so upsetting to me but on the positive side, I help feed and provide water and shelter for many, many birds. I know I can’t save them all but still, when just one life is gone, it hurts. The baby died in my hands.

every life matters

4 thoughts on “Every Life Matters

  1. HUUUUGGGGSS I felt for you Donna! Last week I discovered two bird feather related scatters in my backyard caused by stray cats. I was saddened and looked of ways to get stray cats out of my yard. No luck, try to think of death like a gold speck of light going up to the heavens to our Creator. That baby bird died in your hands……is already with our Beloved Creator of All……Now. LOVE CW

    • It was a really crappy way to start the day and I feel so guilty not putting it in a shoe box last night to protect it – but then what would have happened? How would I feed it? Take it inside with four cats? If it died in the box I still would have been upset and wondered it I should have left it outside. I have to keep in mind that Nature knows best and there were many other birds that I helped and lived. It’s all life I know but it’s sure nice to talk about it. Thank you Christy ❤

  2. A similar incident happened to me about a month ago-and I too had to remember that Nature takes care of everything. In my backyard, there is a small section that has become the “critter cemetery.” Whenever I have found an animal I will bury it and mark it and depending on the season, a small flower is placed by its site. My little dog Hubble is always with me and he stands very still as we do this. And it is interesting to me, that the dogs do not bother the site at all. I guess it is another way to try and honor that which is much bigger than me and to then remember to celebrate life. I do not know if that makes much sense-but there it is-

    • I have a little Pet Cemetary in my yard to – all kinds of creatures rest there! Today I bought a really pretty, new bird feeder and new seed so, I’m good. Thank you Meg ❤

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