Feeling Crappy? There’s A Reason For It

I so don’t want to talk about the energies and the retrograde again but I can’t help it. Just as I get over one energy hump another one comes in.

Since I can only tell you how I feel based on the surrounding energies, I can tell you that I’m a mess right now.

My insides are turning, my mind is all over the place and I don’t even want to talk about my emotions. However, I do know it’s for an awesome reason.

The energies are wearing thin on us


On a recent post, I showed you this graphic. Click in that link. Anyway, yesterday was another rough, rough day for me – a shit storm to be exact.

I had enough of this feeling so last night while I was staring at my ceiling tiles, I decided to take the time out to connect with myself and try to feel what was/is going on.

Wise One and an Eagle

I closed my eyes in thought and again, saw this image. Then I heard “test.” Here we go again, another puzzle that I have to figure out.

“Can’t you just tell me what your point is so I don’t have to do all this guess-work?”

Then I realized that I was talking to my Wise One and that was so disrespectful. This is what life is all about, teaching and learning. No one will give us all that we need to know on a silver platter nor should they. How can we learn if we don’t experience?

So, once my doofus lightbulb kicked on I grabbed a hold of myself and sunk into my feelings and senses to figure out what’s going on.

I’ve come such a long way from just two years ago. I really soared fast in my Spiritual growth and I was recently told that I’m going to “skip to the next level” so be ready. I just realized that I am now approaching that next level.

Ever going on a really fast roller coaster ride? Remember how it felt to have your skin blown back from the wind, your heart race from excitement yet you were scared? Well that is how I’m feeling now.

It’s scary because I feel like something just shifted and I skipped a whole lot of steps getting there.

I know this is my path and this is what I chose. I have to put my big girl pants on and trust what’s in store for me because I know it’s good.

There are times when my experiences are so amazing it’s hard to put in words there are times, like now, when it’s a big fat Spiritual casserole where everything is all jumbled together.

I am strong enough to sort it out and to wait until this ride slows down. I know it’s about turmoil on my insides waiting to be released but – and there’s that big but again – I have to feel and experience all the caca in my heart and in my head before it can be released. This is not fun but necessary.

I have faith that I will come out standing straight and feeling strong because I trust my Angels, my Ascended Masters, my Guides, my Divine and most of all, I trust me.

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