Archangel Auriel Is Very Soft Spoken But She Carries A Very Bright Light

I base how I feel and how I act around the moon. It just calls to me. I guess being a Moon Child, Cancer, has been my strength from the day that I was born. I’ve always been attracted to the moon and based on the way I act, you can tell what moon phase it is but you have to know a little about the moon phases to understand it fully.

Have questions about your life? Are things not going as smooth as you’d like or are things picture perfect for you? Look at the moon for guidance.

How the moon can guide us

Our moon is just about at the half way point so you should see a just  about half the moon on a clear night.  What does this mean for you?


Are you in the middle of a project that seems to have no end? You’re half way there. Now is the time to keep going – DON’T QUIT!!!!

There is light at the end of the tunnel but you have to keep going – you are almost there. When the moon is half full – yes half full instead of half empty – this is a notation that you are at the halfway point of whatever it is that you’re working on or dealing with.

Life has ebbs and flows, ups and downs right? See the news lately? Scary stuff right? Hang in there – that too shall pass and good news will surface. If it feels that you are constantly getting bombarded with hit after hit after hit of challenges, know that right around the corner it will lift. It always does!

Archangel Auriel is the Angel of Illumination. She is all about the moon and the moon phases. If you’re going through a struggle now, call on her to shine her light (and yes, that will be the glow of the moon) on you so you can see things more clearly.

I talk about a lot of things on this blog and if there is one thing that I know, it’s my Angels – that’s why I’m certified as an Angel Chatter Intuitive. Having said that, I’ve met Archangel Auriel and she is the most soft-spoken Angel out of them all. She is delicate like a piece of lace and looks like a little poof of powder in the air. When she’s around, you’ll sense a warm, fuzzy feeling all around you – she does that!

Tap into the moon energies. Call in Auriel to shine some light on your challenges and little very carefully for the answers because she whispers. I love the way she feels and you will too!

4 thoughts on “Archangel Auriel Is Very Soft Spoken But She Carries A Very Bright Light

  1. the link to this post was at the bottom of one from this week; i followed the link and smiled when i read it.

    most every morning i ask my angels and guides, ‘what are we going to do today?’ but this morning i added, ‘it’s time i know your name/names….’

    and ‘ariel’ popped into my head instantly… pretty close to auriel…

    btw i’m cancer too, and so affected by the full moon!

    july 14

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