How Does A Medium Trust Enough To Do Readings?

I chose three cards today. The first one that showed was TRUST, then FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION then CREATIVITY. This is exactly what you need to do readings. For those of you who give readings, the 1st thing you have to do is TRUST yourself and to TRUST the images and messages that Spirit gives you – that’s what a Medium does.


After you TRUST what you see, you FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION because that is where all these messages resonate from – your intuition. How many times did we see or feel something and say “ I knew that!” That is trusting your gut and intuition. If you don’t follow up and trust your intuition, the readings stop there. This is probably the #1 issue most Mediums have. They don’t trust or follow up on what they see and feel. That’s when ego sets in. We are not here to decide what WE see and feel, we are just conduits – thus the name MEDIUM, for the Spirit world. We are the messengers. We get messages then deliver. Once you keep that mindset, the rest is easy.

This is where CREATIVITY comes in. When you trust what you see, it’s now up to the Medium to put all the pieces and puzzles together to figure out what it is that Spirit is telling us. For example. In one reading I did I saw a bridge. I had to decipher if that meant, getting from one place to another, traveling, landscaping, connection etc. Sometimes when images are confusing, I ask for more clarity. In reference to the bridge, I asked to see more and then saw the person standing in the middle of the bridge. What did that mean? It was clearly a decision to make a move – to stay or to go – she was in the middle of a choice to relocate and that’s exactly how her life played out.

So these three cards are perfect for those of you who are Mediums. Trust yourself, trust your intuition and deliver the messages the best you can in a way that makes sense for you.

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