What YOU Give Away When You Get Mad

Let’s talk about friends and unpleasant situations for a minute here. If you realize that you’re giving away something very precious every time you get angry, you’ll think twice before you turn red.

how to handle anger

Everyone gets mad. Some of us get angry at the smallest things like loosing our keys in the morning, forgetting to put the car windows up and you just found out it rained last night to taking a sip of  coffee to find out that the milk has gone sour. Are these life shattering events? No, not at all but they still get us pissed.

How about people? You’re going to work in the morning and you’re stuck behind someone going really slow, you are now late for work. Someone cut you off in the parking lot and you said a really bad word and they just looked at you and laughed. Are these life shattering events? No but they can get you REALLY mad and set your mood for the day.

How about the people at work? You know that Kathy is not doing her job and she’s just going around spreading gossip about you and everyone else in the office. Even that Boss who you know is not qualified to do his job but he’s getting paid way more that you and doing a lot less work to show for it. You see this day after day after day. Is this annoying? Heck yeah!

Finally, on a stronger note, our friends. You’re at a party with your favorite peeps and they find out that you’re a little “odd” because you have tons of jewelry on, you’re wearing purple and you’re talking about meditation and crystals. They don’t understand you anymore so what do they do? Retaliate. They use hurtful words and start a big old argument right in front of your face.

You are fuming!!

  • How can they be so mean?
  • I thought they were my friends?
  • Why are they driving so slow?
  • Why is he not doing his job?
  • Why is she such a troublemaker at work?
  • Why does everyone drive so bad?
  • Why are people so inconsiderate?
  • Why did she say that to me?

What’s happening here? We are allowing people and situations to take our energy away from us!

We give away a part of us that we can’t get back. We will never recoup that energy that we’ve worked so hard for. Gone.

We all have energy. We all ARE energy. When we let other people get us mad or react in a bad way – what are we doing? We are giving our energy away!!! We are letting them take OUR energy! NO! You can’t have that my friends. 


I’ve worked very hard to get my vibration up and to feel the way I do Spiritually, emotionally and mentally. The scary thing is, it can be diminished in a heartbeat IF we let others take it away.

This. takes. a. very. long. time. to. realize. I know it’s easier said than done but once we refuse to let other people take our precious energy away, the happier we feel. We come out on top because we’ve taken control of the situation because face it, we can’t control or change everything right? So choose your battles. Take care of YOU. Be in charge of YOU.

This is extremely hard for me to do. I was born and raised in NY so I’m all about letting you know when I’m mad and in a NY second mind you. I’m also the type of person that will hold onto a grudge for a really long time. This is not healthy and it’s not good. So I’ve changed.

Since I’ve Awakened, and I’m going to make a video about that later today, my entire personality has changed for the better. I’m not going to go into all that but the last lesson I’ve learned so far, is to NOT give my energy away. I did it once before and it’s extremely draining. I don’t want to feel drained.

So what to do? Hold onto your energy!! This is VERY hard to do but if you can do it, you’ll not only feel better but you’ll feel good about YOU because you took control of the situation and still have your energy.

When that person take your parking space, think to yourself, “yes that would have been a great spot but there’s one down a bit and I get to get a little more exercise because of the extra walk.” That’s a good thing.

For that person who cut you off on the road – thank your Angels for keeping you safe and NOT getting into an accident – it may have been close but you didn’t! Be thankful.That is good.

For that lady at work who is gossiping and causing trouble in the office, feel sorry for her because she will not be getting a raise, more than likely will be getting fired and she’s probably very quite at home because she has an abusive husband so that is why she mouths off at work. Feel sorry for her and wish her a good day.

For all the people who you thought were your friends, more than likely, that’s not going to change. You are growing and changing your vibration, they are not. Just remember the good times you’ve had together and look forward to the amazing people you are about to meet. It’s so much nicer to hang with like-minded people and talk about crystals and chakras if you want to – find them, they are there.

So how do you feel after all this? You feel good because like a feather, you rose above all the bull crap that can bring you down. You are flying high, where you need to be. Hold on because you aren’t done yet. Just remember, in order to get where you need to be, you need your energy. Don’t give it away.


10 thoughts on “What YOU Give Away When You Get Mad

  1. This is a wonderful blog post Donna. I am still working on this. Before we started our business ourselves hubby and I worked at another Company here in Colo Springs. He has always owned his own truck, he pulled their trailer, delivering fuel. I learned so much there. Mostly how “not” to treat people. I stayed there for 4 years, I really didn’t know it at the time, but spirit got me through it! The day quit,(there was no two weeks notice) I felt like I had jumped off a cliff. That same day when their biggest Customer found out I had quit, they called me. They offered us a job with them. That was three years ago. We have been doing great.

    I still have stress. And I feel like it’s probably the reason that I don’t seem to hear my angels “speak” to me. But I do know that they are there!! I recognize, hopefully most of the signs they give me along the way.

    **This has been a really good, thought provoking reply for me.. I have sat here for the last half hour and rewritten this a few times. Realizing just how much of my energy that I still give that former company and bitch that runs it. I went to work there because things were falling apart. That was affecting hubby, Rod a lot. Rod had been there for about 10 years. The owner, Vic, was diagnosed with ALS. He died seven months later the wife took over. Made my life miserable. She didn’t know any thing about the trucking department. Anyway, we are the better for it.

    Thank you so much Donna! I am so thankful that spirit led me to you and you wonderful caring personality. I know I am better for it…

    Love and blessings,

    • Linda – this is a beautiful story – thank you for sharing it! The stress is not beautiful but the fact that you are aware of your energy and now, will no longer give it away. Cut cords with that company right away – you don’t need it anymore! Light a candle and have that candle represent that company and all the people in it. Look at it and remember all the crap that hurt you. Take one really big breath in and blow out that candle!!!!!!!!! Get it? ❤

      • This is why I love you.. You understand emotions of people and what they need. I will do this candle thing today. I have an Auriel candle that i got from Angel Chatter. That one seems appropriate. Auriel has visted me and held me in her arms. I am struggling today with weepy energy.. It all going to be good. Have a wonderful day, Thank you so much.

      • Keep weeping! That’s good – you are releasing. Oh I love this comment you made Linda, it makes my heart warm. Take notice of how you feel this week – write everything down, take it slow because some changes will be subtle.

  2. Great blog! I too am from NY and wear my emotions! It’s taken me a long time to get over certain displeasing events in my life. My angels are helping me with this. Articles like this remind me of the work still needed to be done. My life is much better now than it was and I am grateful. I now make friends with people who understand that I’m just a bit ‘out there’. The rest are still asleep. Continued good fortune and many blessings!!

  3. Donna I just want to tell you that I really enjoyed this article! It came at a great time! I have a very ego driven neighbor that I have to deal with on occasion. Yesterday she made me so mad and it really drained me! So true about giving that energy away! Sometimes it’s hard to remember that! Great read!

    • Oh I know how you feel! You’re left so drained and annoyed for days meanwhile they go about their merry way because they have extra energy – YOURS! Make sure you get it back, pull it back in, transmute it to it’s original state of purity and hold onto it. Thank you for visiting here!

  4. I totally relate to this Donna. I’ve been battling with with toxic people, and the negativity just really saps my energy. It’s so hard to ignore. Glad I read this post – I’m going to try harder to rise above all of it 😊

    • There are so many big ego and jealous people out there and the pick fights for no reason. Now, I just let them go without a 2nd thought because they are not meant to be in my world – and that’s ok! People come and people go. It’s a big world and I have room for so many people but only those who walk the same path. Life is complicated but once it starts to make sense a bit, it feels so much better 🙂

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