Are You Afraid Of Ghosts?

After spending the weekend in Charleston,  South Carolina a very old and allegedly haunted city, I experienced many things. I also realized that when we are out to go ghost hunting, sometimes we don’t have to go too far.

are you afraid of ghosts

As you would come to realize, I am pretty good at sensing energies around me so being in a haunted city would be like a watching a kid in a candy store.

I had my ghost radar on but wasn’t intentionally looking or suspecting everything that moved or looked a little odd – I know better than that.

There were places such as the Slave Market in Charleston that although now sells tourists novelties, had a horribly ominous feel to it, so much so, that it put me in a really crappy mood.

I figured this would happen so I was prepared. I have my protective intuitive shield on and my crystal of the day to ward off the boogie man but it was SO strong that my mood took a 180.

It was a hot day, high the 90’s so that alone would make anyone a grouchy pants but it went deeper than that. I was just feeling like such a B. I tried so hard to not let any feelings creep in  that didn’t belong to me but when you’re dealing with energies this strong, it’s a lost cause.

After a while Hubs and I took a break at the local watering hole which helped a lot – thank you vodka tonics! The coolness of the AC and the afternoon buzz was all I needed to rid myself of all that yuk-yuk that I know wasn’t mine.

We hopped back on the bus to the hotel and took the car to dinner. During my travels from here to there, I overhead some conversations, watched how people walked in the crowd, noticed how uncaring some people were in their surroundings and just continued to feel pockets of “stuff.”

Then I realized. Yes there is definitely residual energies in the air that even a brick could pick up yet the most interesting pick up was what I was getting from the living.

Some people are just not nice! They are inconsiderate, rude and not very loving to others around them. Some people were just holding onto so much negativity that it spewed out of them. That was more upsetting to me than any past history that the city once had.

Engeries of days gone by I can handle. Energies of the living … that’s another story.

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