How To Get Messages From The Other Side

Well, talk about connecting with people on the other side. I have here another amazing video for you to watch, it’s a long one from Lisa Williams.

About half way through this video she was talking about how to connect with our loved ones from the other side. She then says to think about a person you want to connect with and think of a sign for them to show you. I called my Grandmother in and asked the sign she was to show me to be “coffee.”
Now the video is just about over and I take my iPad and turn up the volume so I can hear it as I walk across the room to turn some lights on – after all, it’s 7:30pm now and getting dark.
As Lisa winds up her chat, she says keep an eye out for those signs that you asked your loved ones to show you – it could be a penny, a feather, a cup of coffee … A WHAT I SAID TO MYSELF?
Coffee? Did Lisa just say COFFEE?????????
That – was MY sign that I wanted Grandma to show me. Oh – and to make it even more incredible, I just happened to be sipping on a cup of coffee the SAME time Lisa said the word COFFEE.
Oh and by the way, it’s 7:30 at night and a little late to even be drinking coffee don’t you think?
I love you Grandma ❤

3 thoughts on “How To Get Messages From The Other Side

    • This was such an amazing experience and totally blew me away. Listen closely and pay attention for your signs – mine was pretty obvious but they can be super subtle. Let me know and happy connecting ❤

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