Message From Raphael: Gentle Heart

Today’s Message:

❥ Soft music

❥ A light evening breeze

❥ Sipping on tea

❥ Holding a baby’s hand

❥ Petting a cat as it purrs

❥ Listening to Mozart

❥ Anything Pink

❥ Smiling

❥ Watching dandelions blow in the wind

Gentle love starts with you. A message from Gabriel

These are all things that are “gentle” and touch our hearts. Gentle love is special because it’s oh so subtle yet extremely strong. It’s the feeling you get in your heart that just melts it.

It’s the warmth you feel when you love someone so deeply that you just can’t put it into words.

Raphael expresses to us all that is gentle but do you know where it originates? In YOU. YOUR heart. YOU are gentle, loving and wonderful. Feel it first in you this way, you can send it out to others.

No matter how much love you send out, you always, always have an infinite supply in you. Remember that my friends!

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