How To Connect With Your Angels

There are so many questions about Spirituality on the internet but it seems like the most popular one is “How Do I Connect With My Angels? Here I have a post for you – and it gets right down to the facts, on how you can connect with yours.

Want to know how to connect with your Angels? Grab a chair and come on in!

How to connect with your angels

Since I received my certification as an Angel Chatter Intuitive, I’ve become SO close with my Angel Team – well all Angels actually. Everyday, they make their presence known somehow and I’m not talking about dropping feathers and pennies all over the place, I’m talking about strong messages (Clairaudience) or visuals with the naked eye or from Clairvoyance (the minds eye), that I get from them.

That’s all fine and dandy for me but how does it help you? How can YOU, the everyday person, connect with your Angels? Well I’m going to try to help you with that the best way I can and in simple terms.

When I scour the internet for information, there is nothing that annoys me more than finding a topic that I want to read but then having to read all kinds of stuff before the writer gets to the point. I want stuff not fluff and I don’t like to wait for it – that’s the NY in me that is highly impatient 🙂

So what I’m going to do for you is this. I’m going to write points that will help you connect with your Angels but in bullet (well actually numbers) form. This way it’ll be easy for me to write and easy for you to read. You’ll get all the information you want to quickly and easily with out all that fluffy stuff and I can just keep adding to it throughout the day as I get tips in. Sound cool? Let’s go.

  1. Intentions: Start with wanting to connect. Setting your intention to connect with your Angels is in a nutshell, all you need to do. Of course there is more but this is why I have it as #1. Set in your mind that you WANT to connect with them. Once you do that, you have their full attention.
  2. Chill. You don’t have to do a meditation to connect with your Angels. Is it helpful? Of course and yes, that is another way to connect (which will be on this list somewhere) but it’s so not necessary. Once you relax your mind, you’d me amazed what pops in.
  3. Trust. Now this is an important one which is why it’s on top of the list. Trust is just ONE of the issues that most of us have trouble with. You have to trust what you see and trust what you feel. Trust me (there’s that trust thing again) when I tell you that some weird and random images will pop in your head. Now think about this for a minute and this brings me to #4.
  4. Images. What did I just see? Not physically see – very few of us can actually see Angels or Spirits so you SEE in your mind. Weird and random images or pictures will pop in your head. This is how Angels communicate! They (Spirit) have to conjure up some intense energy in order for us to see them. So for them, it’s easier to pop images in our heads, like a story book, to connect with us. Now it’s up to us to play Detective and figure it all out. If you did see an image in your living room (I have) or something flash by, don’t dismiss it. You are not making it up.
  5. Discernment. Discernment – the ability to judge the situation – is a tough one to master. Another biggie. You’ll hear people say “is it your ego talking or the Angels?” I know that’s confusing – how does an ego speak? Angels never say “I.” Why would they if they are talking to you? However, when you are speaking with an Ascended Master such as Jesus or Mary, they will say I and they so can do that <3.
  6. Think. Use your noodle. When connecting with your Angels, keep in mind that they will NEVER tell you what to do. I know this for a fact because when I do readings, they always make suggestions – it’s a free will thing. If you “think” you’re speaking with an Angel and they tell you to quit your job because you should be doing something else or don’t meditate because you’re wasting your time or even take job B because you’ll make more money, stop and think about that for a while before making your decision. Will they make suggestions? Yes! They always have your back but they word their suggestions so YOU can make a choice based on what they suggest. Angels also always have a loving tone, they will never us harsh words with hurtful intents.
  7. Signs. Yes Angels love using feathers, coins and butterflies to get our attention. When you find one of these objects, take notice of what you were thinking at the time. Maybe you asked a question a few days back. If you did, take notice of the situation that you’re in when you found that object. Put 2+2 together to see if you can see their answer. IF you still have no clue – and give yourself some time or days to think about it, ask for more clarity. They will show you more signs and it may even be in the form of a song you hear on the radio so pay attention!
  8. Ask. Angels know that you are new at this. If you speak to them out loud, that has a higher vibration and will have more impact on what you are asking. Angels can hear you either way, out loud or in your thoughts but if you need more clarity just ask them. Ask them anything. Ask them for more signs. Ask them for lights to flicker, songs to come on, a bird to sing, a thought to randomly come in your head, an itch to appear on your arm – anything at all – just ask them for more signs. When it’s personalized like this, you KNOW that you’ve made a connection.  I did just that here. Come see how keywords help.
  9. Vibration. Raise it up!!! Angels have a VERY high vibration, for obvious reasons. We don’t. How do we do it? Get happy! Do whatever it is that puts a smile on your face and I mean ANYTHING! Dance, laugh, cook, go horseback riding, sit at a park, paint, sing, play an instrument, spend time with your family, travel. These are all action packed activities but you can also raise it by doing the opposite. Sit down, chill,  relax and get in your head. What do you see there? Nothing? Well put something there like a beautiful beach scene, walking in the mountains, visiting an art museum, remember times with an old friends, going to Rome – never been there? So what! In your mind you can be anyone, go anywhere or do what you want. Make it fun and exciting for you because that is what raises your vibration.
  10. Visualize. Don’t know what Angels look like? Think they are those chubby little guys with white wings? Well they are and they aren’t but that doesn’t matter. Whatever YOU think Angels look like, put that image in your mind. We all know that Archangel Michael is our Protector and carries a sword. Visualize a big Angel, and I mean BIG, and when you want to connect with him, have that image in your mind. Do that for any Angel you want. Do me a favor – don’t go to Google to see what Raphael looks like because Google doesn’t know. YOU know. The more you rely on YOU the stronger your connections to the Angelic Realm will become.
  11. Color. Ever see sparkly things in the corner of your eyes or flashes/dots of blue, pink, green or yellow? No you don’t have Glaucoma, you are seeing Spirit. I think most people think that when they see Spirit energy or Angels it needs to be profound – it doesn’t!!! This is how you start seeing and trust me when I tell you, it gets better from here.
  12. Call them in. It does not get any easier than this. Most people think that only special people can talk to Angels or that you have to do some fancy rituals – not true! I’ll tell you exactly how you can connect with your Angels now that you have this background information. Ready? This is basically what I do, sometimes more elaborate with the words and sometimes it’s just a “help me please!” The right Angel will always come to you.

My eyes are closed. I take three deep breaths in. (I always call Archangel Michael in first because he protects and oversee everything.) Micheal, thank you for watching over me today and always. Thank you Angels for always watching over me. Today I need a little extra help and would like to call in (name the Angel of your choice.)  Today, I called in Metatron because I was having trouble focusing on my work. Metatron, can you please guide me today, keep me be balanced and focused while I work on this project that I’m struggling to complete? Thank you.

Done. That’s it!

So to update you – my work flew by effortlessly today and so happens that early in the day, I came up with a schedule to put myself on so I can balance my work and my own time in the same day without getting overloaded. Coincidence? No. Help from Metatron? You better believe it!

5 thoughts on “How To Connect With Your Angels

  1. I love your direct and simplistic explanations Donna. And I agree with you, I hate long winded stories that leave me wondering if they even gave any explanation. I can’t wait to start practicing. However, I think I have my Guardian Angels Name….Gloriana and I sense Yellow like flowers or sunshine.

    • Well thank you! I like very conversational style write – grammar errors and all, oops! 🙂

      I love the name of your Angel and that you’re able to sense a color with her – that’s beautiful – keep going!

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