When People Come Through In Readings

When I do readings, every now and then people come through with messages. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve experienced because these messages are always of love.

people coming through in readings

When  I write about those experiences here in my blog I never mention names of clients of course but I will describe the reading just a bit so you can see what happens.

As soon as I’m asked to do a reading, the first thing I ask the client is to give me permission to connect with your energy. As soon as I hear or read those words, the connection begins.

I grab my clipboard and pen and start writing down images, colors, words or any type of note that comes in.

Depending on what the client asks, sometimes names pop in. I write them all down with the details and description of what I see along with that name.

For example, recently when I was doing a reading I heard, “tell her I love her” and the letter J and F followed that message. I find out via the client that her husband’s name stated with J and her Mom’s name started with F. Both have passed but jumped right in to give her this beautiful loving message. I remember this day and it took my breath away.

messages from spirit

Other names have come through with descriptions of the people passed. Sometimes they give names but most of the time they give images to describe their life.

Once in a while I connect with an energy of a person that is still alive. Why? because they have a message to give to the person that I’m reading.

This happened last week. I felt the energy of a person come in but I didn’t get a name. I got a visual of water, a boat and sailing – no name. That didn’t really give me much to tell the client but it’s not my place to decipher these images but it is my job to relay all that I see.

I find out that this person that came in was the clients brother who did not live in the US but had a big message to tell her. He happened to be in the Navy which was why I was seeing all the water notations. His message? He was adopting a child and wanted to tell his sister. Ordinary right? Not really. What was so extraordinary about this adoption? He is going to name the child after their sister … who has passed.

So, who really came through in that reading? The sister ❤



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