When The Energy Hurts! What Should I Do?

So what’s going on today? Lots. The energies are mighty strong – yea I know you all heard this a thousand times before – but for those of you who are Awakening, it hurts!!!!!!

when energy hurts

• Headaches, body aches, bad mood? Yes, yes and yes.
• Tired? Yes.
• Poor food choices? Yes.
• Napping all day long? Yes.

You know this is not normal so what do you think is going on? As crappy as my day was yesterday, I took it on because I know it’s all about change and moving forward. It’s like having a baby – it’s going to be uncomfortable for a while but the outcome is glorious.

• Solution: Nap. Eat what you are driven to eat.
• Indulge in something you like (I read ALL day long).
• Take a bath with intentions to clean your aura.
• Zero in on you Solar Plexus
• Surround yourself in a healing, protective light
• Push forward

Ok. One day at a time Angel Huggers. You can do this! Have a wonderful Sunday and if you need help, let me know.

2 thoughts on “When The Energy Hurts! What Should I Do?

  1. Can you pray for me today. Meeting with someone who I have a very tumultuous relationship with. Please give me strength to stand up in my own beliefs and growth. Not by anger but from love. No judgements.

    Thank you and bless you, Donna. ❤

    • Archangel Raphael wrap your loving and healing wings around Laura’s heart as she works through her obstacles.

      Archangel Jophiel send her joy and empowerment to help her understand what is best for her and the choices she makes.

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