Aura Photography: Is It BS or True Blue?

Yesterday I went to Mind, Body, Spirit Expo and did some research. What kind? I walked around to see if I could get a feel of who the exhibitors were and if they were legit or not. I’m going to talk about my findings.

aura photography BS or true blue

Most of the exhibitors were selling crystals and doing card readings. There were some classes going on which was awesome but I didn’t have the luxury of time to hear all of them so I walked around to see what I could pick up.

There were tables of people selling stuff from crystals to cards and everything in between. I picked up on so much just walking around but what I want to talk about today was the person doing “Aura Photography.”

On the table she had about 50 photos of Polaroid pictures of people with all these wild colors around them. For $35, you could have your picture taken and your aura captured. Then, you would have your aura colors explained to you.

I stood there for about 15 minutes and studied the pictures on the table. I was also listening to each person getting the explanation of the colors that appeared in their photo.

First of all, $35 for one Polaroid is VERY expensive but as long as people pay it I guess the price remains.

Now onto the interesting part. I was watching the person doing the aura reading and she was pumping out these photos like nobody’s business. Fast, fast, fast like poop through goose. Where’s the connection to the person there? This wasn’t any.

I looked at the person who purchased the reading (let’s call them client) and they were excited to hear about their colors, after all, they paid $35 for one photo they were going to capture the moment and capture they did. Most of them recorded the color explanation on their iPhone so they would forever know what their aura colors were all about.

As the reader was explaining each color, I noticed a pattern – and it was a pattern. Every time she saw white in the photo she said “oh you have a protective shield around you.” Oh I wanted to jump out of my skin!!!!! NO!!!! That’s not what that means!

When she saw red she talked about sensitivity – SENSITIVITY?????? FOR RED?????? Oh talk about turning red – I felt my blood begin to boil.

When she saw purple in the picture she mentioned how Spiritual the person was. Well yeah, we all know that purple is a Spiritual hue. Cop out. Very general.

The color explanations went on and on. The reader was going a mile a minute and treating their client like a number – no connection – just take a picture, give me $35 and then you get to hear about your colors … the same explanation that everyone else is getting.

Then I look on the table again and see a color chart. The chart explained what every color means – just like she was echoing to her clients. The only problem is, she was wrong – very wrong.

I know that when people do readings, whether cards or auras, everyone sees something different and I get that. However, when you use a script to do readings, that is NOT a reading. Any Joe Bag can do that.

Backtrack: Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m a Color Expert. What does that mean? Well you can find out all about that on my business website at I KNOW color. I’ve been certified, trained and lived color for over 35 years, most if not all of my adult life. To add to it, I’m Clairvoyant and an Intuitive. Put all that together and you have a person who not only knows color but can see it, feel it and in a nutshell IS color.

My stomach was turning so bad watching this Aura Photography bullshit I wanted to scream!!!

I wanted to grab the client by the hand and say, “yes, you do have blue in your aura but it’s by your throat which means your Throat Chakra is out of balance. Learn to speak your truth and talk about what is on your mind and in your soul. The world wants to hear what you have to say.”

Instead the client heard that the blue in her aura meant she was a calm person and loved life. GENERAL AND WRONG.

When she saw green in the aura photo she talked about money and career. Green? Money? No. When there is green in an aura, that is the Heart Chakra – it has nothing to do with money, or does it? I would have felt better if the reader saw green and said, “well, you do have a lot of green around you. What are you loving in life so much right now? Is it your job? Your hobby? Your [ fill in the blank ]

TALK to the person who just paid $35 for your stupid photograph. Do a reading for them don’t read a script that you have memorized in your mind.

On the three hour ride home, I was thinking. If I was ever to be in one of these Mind, Body, Spirit Expos I would have a table. On the table would be nothing but a tablecloth  – and no it wouldn’t be purple velvet – and one sign that would say, “Sit with me. Hold my hand and let me read YOU.” No products, no cards, no gimmicks, well maybe just a little handful of crystals to represent each Angel. I would take my time. I would look into your eyes and connect with your energy. I would feel you and see the Angels around you. I would see your aura and note the colors. Auras change by the second so it’s a challenge to capture what the body is saying at the time of the reading. You don’t have to ask me a question because I’m already talking to your Angels. They have much to say to you. I would be there for YOU, to make your reading experience a beautiful one.

So anyway, thank you for listening to my rant. The thing that amazes me is that there is MOSTLY  a room full of Mediums so when someone is not legit, it’s going to be picked up. This is also directed to the lady doing a Reiki healing for someone. She had her hands all up in the air for the client and her eyes were wandering all over the room instead of focusing on the energy that she was suppose to be directing to the client. Poor client got blanked. So sad.

For the most part, the expo was fun and it was awesome to see my friends there! That is really the only reason I go really, to see them. Ok yeah, it was fun to walk the room and see what everyone was selling and doing – it’s all good stuff – and I won’t let the experience of watching one bad egg ruin my Expo experience. Will I go again?  You bet, but next time, I may be a participant 🙂



8 thoughts on “Aura Photography: Is It BS or True Blue?

  1. Thank you for your insight. When I see wrong being done I get so frustrated and seem to carry that feeling for quite a while. How were you able to separate yourself from what you saw?

    Thank you.

    • Good question Laura. There was a time when I would take this feeling to the grave with me and not know how to release it but now, I can see the deeper meaning of things. I know deep down that all these people who went to the Expo, got exactly what they came there for and that’s all that matters. What worries me is the conscience of the people who are not honest in their energy work, readings and healings.

  2. Great blog…I so get what you are saying. The last expo I went to I wanted to leave within 5 minute, the energies were so off! People are so getting fed the wrong info within these expos so much of the times these days (or at least 85% are not correct). So many hawking their wares. And the prices — well, they are very high (but the vendor fees are too, so…). Thanks for the clarity and your rant was much more calm than mine would have been.

    • It’s funny Blake because as I was walking along, the readers that were legit just made me smile. There was this one older man that had such a kind, loving soul. As I walked by him, my heart melted. He was legit 🙂 Thank you!

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  4. People need real help from real inuitives and healers. The last thing they need is to be duped and ripped off and even if they don’t realize it, how is that fakery harming the client’s spirit? Maybe that reader was called to your attention so you will make yourself available for readings at the next event.

    • Good point Angel but I feel if I did that, my ego would be engaged and that is not my intentions. It’s not that “oh I can so do this better” it was more that I felt sorry for the people getting the aura reading. They were so cute and excited about their colors and the person doing the reading was just going off a script. I feel it was Spirit giving me a lesson in authenticity and compassion – and it worked.

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