When Angels Chatter

This past Sunday when I was at the Body, Mind, Spirit expo in Raleigh, I met with an amazing Angel Goddess friend Christine Alexandria of Angel Chatter. She had an hour class and in that class she did a meditation to meet your Guardian Angel. I was excited!

Angel Chatter

The event was LOUD I was worried I wouldn’t be able to hear to meditate properly.

The meditation was finding our happy place and there, is where we’d meet our Angel. I was excited because I tried a “meet your Guide meditation” before and nothing really happened.

She slowed our breath down and talked us to 100% relaxation. It was amazing how when you’re told “now the background noise will be quiet” how everything disappears so we can focus, and it did!

She started by telling us to find our happy place and surprisingly, my happy place was NOT in the woods! It was at a huge, yellow castle with flowers out front. Out of those flowers grew a rainbow that went right up over the castle. It was incredibly beautiful!

Chris went on to say that our Guide will appear before us – and it did! I was shocked to see that my Guide was not in any form but was all energy – gorgeous, loving energy.

My world is always about color so I looked at the Guide to notice what color it was and to see if it had any familiarity to me and of course, it did (that’s a whole other story.) The colors were moving and twirling around like mixing cream in coffee but the colors were light blue, indigo, greens and purples – peacock colors actually. I just smiled because yes, these colors resonated with me big time.

As Chris continued the meditation it seemed like my thoughts were a second ahead of her words. I bet our thoughts were going on at the same time but by the time her words came out, I’ve already heard them. What do I mean?

She went on to say at one point, “now your Guide leans over and gives you a kiss on the forehead…” well a millisecond before that, my Guide had already kissed me  on the head. I just smiled.

When she mentioned to ask for our Guides name, again, I had already heard that so again, I smiled. I got the name Vogiel. I never heard this name before but that doesn’t matter. There are thousands if not more Angels names out there (I know because I already have a list started and never heard of them) but I’m happy to now have a name. I feel connected, content and warm.

The meditation was amazing and the way Chris delivered it was perfect, one of the best meditations I’ve experienced.

So here you found out about my experience but I’d like you to find out more about Christine Alexandria of Angel Chatter. If you look at her products you’ll see that they look familiar? Notice them here on my blog? She is the one who channeled every single one of those cards. Look around her website and find out more about who she is and what she does. She is the real deal unlike many of the people I spoke about at the Expo in my previous post about Aura Photography. She’s my Angel friend 🙂

2 thoughts on “When Angels Chatter

  1. That is a beautiful story. I am always so happy to get up in the morning; well usually one of my guys wakes me up with some problem.. any way after I deal with them i look for your posts via e-mail. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us. It means the world to me! Brings me back to me! Love Linda

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