Now Is The Time To Get Your Answers

They say everything is about timing right? Well now everything seems lined up for you to clearly get your answers. Do you have questions? Start asking the Universe. Here’s how.

time to get your answers

No, I’m not going to say “oh the retrograde” or “the energies are strong now” as much as I’d like to because it’s true.

There are so many people out there who keep asking OUT but now, are ready to ask IN.

We no longer have to Google or read everyone’s blog for answers. Finding information is wonderful and I highly recommend it but it’s easier than that.

Just last night I wanted to test myself and find out some answers. I wanted to see if I could look into the future a bit to seek an answer I wanted.

I asked, “will I be going to a Qigong class tonight?

So this event didn’t happen yet but I wanted to know if I should go or not. I REALLY wanted to go and planned on it but I wanted to see what my Higher Self would say. Do you know what I saw?

I saw a big, old-fashioned garbage can, you know the ugly metal ones? I saw this can with someone’s arm reaching out and throwing something in it. I heard, “The class is getting trashed. You are not going.”

I was like NO WAY!!! I am so going to this class and was looking forward to it.

Not even 30 minutes later, the wind picked up, the sky turned black and it started pouring. Nope. Not driving 30 minutes in that.

So you see my point? I asked and I got an answer. There are no special gifts needed to do this but you HAVE to trust yourself and BELIEVE in yourself. Everyone was born with this ability but most of us, just brush it off.

HOMEWORK: Go to a quiet place in your home or outside. Take three belly breathes in, hold and release. Quite your mind and know in your gut, you can do this. Ask your question. Take notice of ANY images you see or things/words you hear in your mind. THAT is your answers.

Get back to me with your results 🙂


4 thoughts on “Now Is The Time To Get Your Answers

  1. And that is how simple getting answers can be! The biggest issue is the interpretation of the answer. You figured out what the garbage can stood for pretty quick (very good!); other people have major issues fixing their own symbols out. Great info Donna!!!

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