Journal Post: Seeing Auras, Spirits and Metatron

This blog also doubles as my journal. Today, I’m posting about seeing auras, spirits and Metatron.


angel hug auras and spirits


The past week or so has become noticeably quiet. All paintings are completed and shipped out, no readings to do, nowhere to be, all appointments are complete and all is quiet.

I do welcome the quiet but there feels like an underlining reason for all this. Of course there is. But what?

All I had to do is ask. That is all we ever have to do – just ask.

“Ok Angels. What’s up? Why are things so quiet right  now? I know everything is about timing and I know you’re going to tell me patience but it feels different now. What’s up?”

Did I get an answer? Well yes.

Spirit says, “now is the time to focus on you.”

Focus on me? Sounds good to me!

What did I do? I filled my calendar up with local Meet-Ups. I find out that just there is an Elemental Healing Center 30 minutes from my home that offers all kinds of amazing classes from Qigong to meditations. I went yesterday to one and was just blown away! I met 17 amazing souls that I didn’t know the day before and I have a feeling that they will be playing a huge roll in my life from this point on.

Coincidently, yesterday’s message was that of Self Love – perhaps not a coincidence?

I want to share with you what I experienced yesterday at a meditation class.

So not only did I meet a room full of people who felt amazing, I also saw a roomful of auras and spirits.

I am going to paint what I saw and insert the painting in this post when it’s complete so you can see what I saw but meanwhile, the graphic above is pretty darn close.

During the meditation, I felt Metatron come into the room because we just happened to be talking about focus and balance. When I felt that Metatron was in the room, I asked, “is that you Metatron?” At that point I saw a feather, about 3/4″ big, float right over the lamp that was in the room. Now either this was the biggest piece of lint that exists in the world or it was indeed a feather, that just happened to float in a room at the exact same time I asked Metatron a question. The lady next to me saw the same feather to so I know I was not seeing things.

I also saw one of his Platonic Solids pop right in front of my eyes. It was the Icosahedron shape, which is the Water Element. That was cool in itself but it gets event cooler.

Metatrons platonic solids icosahedron water element

As I looked across the room, we were sitting in a circle, I could see auras I was like WHAT???????? They were big, beautiful and bright! I was able to see auras before but just a little bit of color or the edge around people. Now this is not that same as viewing chakras which I can see very well, these are auras which are outside the body.

Cool beans right? Right.

So I’m siting there with myself just looking around in awe of all the colors and how the auras moved and swayed depending on what the person was thinking or saying. It was just beautiful!!!!! I can’t wait to paint them this week – now that I have some ME time lined up, lol.

As I looked around the room, I now realized that my gifts are getting stronger. All the energy work that I’ve been doing and going through are finally showing the results.

Back to the room.

I’m looking around the room in awe and notice by the door that there are a whole bunch of auras that were floating around but there were no people there – or was there?

Of course there were!!! Hello Spirits!!! Come on in.

I saw several auras by the door, like bodies just waiting for a seat to get in the room. The colors were similar to the auras I saw around the live people in the room and they too were bright yet transparent and of a decent size.

So what an amazing day I had and learned much about my day of Self Love. I met some amazing like-minded people, which is always wonderful. I discovered that my Clairvoyance just got fine tuned and most of all, I continue to trust myself and what I see.

I thank Spirit for this amazing moment in time that I experienced. I know the best is yet to come.

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