What Does It Mean When Your 3rd Eye Is Full of Water?

Good morning! So this turns out to be interesting. Last night before I went to bed I did a chakra scan on my self and saw my 3rd Eye was blue but it was filled with water. I stopped right there because out of all the chakra readings I’ve done I haven’t seen this – yet. What does it mean?
angel hug watery 3rd eye

Well, my Zodiac signs is Cancer/Crab which as we know the crab lives in the water. I’ve been seeing a lot of Water Element visuals lately and I guess, they’ve been collecting in my eye.
When there is something in the eye, it waters. Once the water clears, the eye can see so much better.
I believe that my 3rd Eye is in the process of getting a cleanse for clarity to be able to “see clearer” – which is a good thing 🙂

4 thoughts on “What Does It Mean When Your 3rd Eye Is Full of Water?

  1. That is really interesting. I am a Cancer, i have been feeling under water too. Not sure if my 3rd eye is, as I don’t really see through it, like some can. I have had past life junk coming up, issues with our business.Re financing our house so we can re-do from the last round of hail storms. (although my Faries protected my flowers) A lot of stress. I think I mentioned I have a hard time dealing with my mom. Spoke to her the last two day about their issues. That being said I feel like I have been dealing with all of it a bit differently than the past, in a better way. The last two nights I have been very restless. I have seen Angel numbers both nights. I looked all of them up this morning. I am so thankful to my Angels and Guides, because I know that I am moving in a positive direction. All of these Angel numbers tell me that. I am also so thankful for you and your blogs. They truly help to raise my vibration. I love that I can follow your and Christine’s Facebook posts. I really do get a lot of knowledge from these relationships. There are some very insightful followers that I can relate to. * I need to learn how to look at my Chakras

    • Hi Linda, first of all I want to thank you for not only being a wonderful client but being a wonderful cyber friend. Thank you for reading my posts here and on Facebook. Christine thanks you too I’m sure!

      Secondly, this water thing is not complicated but as you’d expect, very different for each of us. I love that you are aware that you are also a Water Element. Water does so much from replenishing and hydrating our body to cleaning our body and soul. What’s it doing for you? Well, you’d need to peek at your Chakras for that one – like I did.

      I’m offering Mentor sessions now and if you’re interested, this may be good for you. In these sessions, we can talk about your chakras and via Skype, I can try my best to show you how to look at or feel your chakras. How can we do this? Well, by listening to what you are saying and feeling PLUS me being able to see yours, I can help you zone in on yours. It could be a fun thing to learn and explore. Let me know if you’re interested. I still have to post details on that service. One week at $111 includes unlimited emails to answer your questions, a 3 hour Skype call that can be broken up in the week and more. Send me an email to discuss further – and thank you!!! xoxoxo

      • To me it’s funny to think that I am a water sign. I am so frighted of bodies of water. Have been that way since i was a kid. I have always told people that I went down with Atlantis. I can’t stand the smell of fish either. Another Atlantic joke…I had my fill. Anyway, there are so many layers of me that I am understanding. Things come up when it’s time.

        I know that I don’t drink enough water, either. Working on that.

        I would love to do the mentoring thing with you. Unfortunately, I feel like I need to wait on that for a while, I need to get our house financing figured out. We are completely re-doing the outside. It will be really nice when it’s done.

        I believe that you are going to be really good at Mentoring people. You are a kind and caring person. I feel guided to tell you to take care of your self through that process. People’s needs can wear a person out. Wow, I don’t often get messages like that! See I am leaning how to listen.

        With my love and blessings

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