Where Will You Get YOUR Power From?

I asked my Angels this morning, “what is the best way to find more about my gifts, reading and reaching out or looking in?”
Stand In Your Power

I shuffled my Angel Chatter deck with these thoughts in my mind and of course Archangel Michael comes in with a strong, STAND IN YOUR POWER.
Do we even realize how much power we have? No, not even close! There is so much energy around you, there is so much energy IN you so put it to good use, you just have to feel that it’s there.
I’ve been quiet the past few days or weeks because I’m looking in. I have TONS of questions and I know that I’m the only one who can answer them – with the help of my Angels of course.
I’m talking an Advanced Psychic Development class this coming weekend and the next so I’m pretty sure I’ll have many ah-ha moments.
How will you find out more about you? How will you go about it?

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