Want To Hear From Your Angels?

Now you can! I changed the format of my readings. Instead of pulling a card layout for you and focusing on each card, I step back and the Angels do all the work.

What to talk to your angels?

Here, six cards are chosen for you and then your Angels come in – conversational style! This just happened yesterday when I did a reading for a client.

I was all ready to channel the message but the Angels came right in and did ALL the talking, all I did was type away. It was beautiful and amazing to see.

Here is just one example of what came through:

… we’ve protected you from other outcomes by guiding you to the path you are on now. Embrace your life. Embrace your love. For it is good.  Think about the NOW not the WHAT because the past is in the past for a reason …

In these card readings, you’ll get your own PDF to print out along with an entire conversation from your Angels, all I do is a quick intro and a final paragraph – the rest is ALL them!

The past readings were similar where 90% of the reading was channeled of course but yesterday, I was asked to step back and let them do 100% of the reading. I love that my Angels have that much support for me! The more readings I do, the closer I get to their Realm and I can’t even begin to describe what this feels like. You will know once you get a reading.

If you’re interested in the new format of my Oracle card readings, they are $75 and you can purchase your own here.




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