A HUGE Message From My Angels About My Next Step In Time

I decided to take today off so to speak and keep myself off Facebook and away from the TV. There is such horrible events taking place in Charlotte that it just hurts my heart to see it or read about it on social media. So for today, I scrubbed out and stayed in my office and painted. It was great.

Angel hug feather message

Having all day to think, I really wanted to write a blog post here about a few things but they are subjects that are hard to describe and certainly hard for the public ear to hear because it’s, shall we say, unusual.

After dinner I was cleaning up the dishes and decided to rearrange the cabinet where I keep all my food storage bins, you know the ones that are always a mess and without covers?

As I start cleaning the kitchen thoughts are going through my head like mad. SO much has happened to me this year with all the energy surges, downloads, moon phases and all that Jazz. Just reread my posts the past few months and you’ll see.

I so want to talk about how my mind, body and spirit has changed this year but it’s hard to put in words. I’ve experienced so much that I am going to write about it because this blog doubles as my journal.

Recently, as in this past week or so, I can across someone on Facebook who apparently is some well-known “Ascension Teacher Cosmic Expert” or something along those lines. For a brief moment in time, I was excited that I finally found someone who possibly can answer some questions for me or at least for me to read her blogs so I can understand better what these changes are all about.

I’m reading her blog and a wave of disappointment comes over me. On one hand I’m excited yet on the other hand, disappointed because there was nothing on her blog that I haven’t experienced myself – nothing. I just choose not to write about it.

It’s so very hard to find a mentor when you’ve experience so much for your entire life and have a feeling that it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

I so want to just come out and say, “oh yea, well listen to this guys. I have a little something to tell you and it’s odd but they are all my experiences, dreams, thoughts, meditations and visions.”

For the sake of either getting divorced or locked up, I keep a lot to myself but it’s very frustrating … and lonely.

So anyway – back to the kitchen. There I am sitting on the floor going through all these plastics and trying to organize and separate them from lids to size. In my mind I’m thinking all this stuff and just feeling so alone that I have no one to talk to about what I should do. Friends won’t understand because most have not even come close to what I’ve experienced. Family – a big no. Shrinks? Maybe.

As these thoughts and feelings flood through me I look in the cabinet and see something fairly big and white. The first thing that comes to mind is a feather. I’m also thinking that no way is a feather going to be where my Tupperware is. I also now know that my 1st impression or reading, is always right – which is another gift that has just gotten enhanced this  year but more on that later.

I look and reach in and pull out … ready for this … a feather. Not just a feather but a HUGE feather. This feather is 12″ long! What the heck is a feather doing in a place that is used everyday? How did it get there?

Don’t you think that it’s odd that as I was thinking all this stuff, a flipping huge feather appears out of nowhere?

Now I’m going to tap into my Claircognazance a bit here and go ahead and say that this is a HUGE message from the Angels. They are telling me not to be afraid but to keep on going. Here are there words:

“You’ve been walking this path your entire life, we’ve been with you. You have a special role in life and you need to fulfill it. All that you know, all that you do all that you are, we helped you with. The best is yet to come.”

… that my friends was a channel that just raised my body temp and thirst – another sign of channeling. My breath a bit labored from that one and my brow is sweating big time as it’s only 73 degrees in my office. That was cool!

Ok – back to earth Donna.

What the heck right? I still have so much to say – so much to write. I’ll keep going.

Temperature back to normal, breathing is ok.

Here’s a little summary of what’s going on:

DOWNLOADS AND ENERGY SURGES: You’ve heard me talking about them for a while. They started heavily in March and I was quite sick. You’ll notice that many “sensitive” people have gotten sick this year and me, I never or rarely get sick. This is the physical change my body has gone through. I purged and released a boat load of yuk I’ve been holding in my body that I no longer needed – stuff that my “new body” can’t use.

EMOTIONAL CHANGES: The following month, April, I was an emotional mess. I can put all kinds of links in this post so you can reread what I’m talking about but you’ll just have to scan this blog at your leisure or I may add them at a later time for your convenience. Anyway, April I released more yuk in the form of emotions. I was grumpy, sad, depressed, angry and a few other emotions that I’m not so proud of. But it is what it is and it was over in a few weeks thankfully.

SPIRITUALLY: Now this is the interesting part. I’ve been through a physical change, then an emotional change and now, it’s a spiritual change. There’s your mind, body, spirit trio. What’s this all about? Through the very precise, odd and just “out there” dreams and meditations that I’ve been having, there is for sure, a transformation underway. My psychic gifts are really starting to waken and I feel a sense of … I don’t know, calm and clarity? Not sure the right words to use here but it’s a note of a confidence and trust that I didn’t have before. Not an ego confidence if that makes sense but a feel like there is nothing or no one that can rattle me. Sure I get my hose in a twist but no sooner do I feel it, it goes away. I was NEVER able to do that. My Clairs are spot on and my insights are clear. It’s like a seeing beyond a see or a feel. I can’t explain it that’s why I’m trying to write down my thoughts.

A few other things that I wanted to talk about are these things:

These are all things that I’m experiencing that are coming into play.

I will continue this post tomorrow. I’m over 1,000 words in and exhausted. Please excuse the typos, I’ll try to get to them.





2 thoughts on “A HUGE Message From My Angels About My Next Step In Time

  1. You are not alone….really…you’ve come so far in such a short time….and you know so much more than you think. For someone whose been doing this work for over 40 years (yeek!); I see in you such a wonderful spirit of loving nature and gentleness. Do be proud of the work you’ve done over this last year. There’s more to come; your spiritual journey has just begun!!

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