Everything You Wanted To Know About Archangel Gabriel

Since the main point of this blog is talking about Angels, I’d like to start to feature one Angel per week.

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty about our Angels from how to connect with them, the colors associated with them, their crystals and the special element that each one of them has that can help us in our lives. Today, I’d like to start with Archangel Gabriel.

everything you wanted to know about archangel Gabriel


AA Gabriel is all about orange. Once we find out more about Gabriel and feel the need to connect, wearing orange will start that connection.

I want to add a note about these details. Keep in mind that everyone will see Angels in their own way and own colors. That’s what’s so special about them. There is no right or wrong answer for example. You may see or feel Gabriel as a purple color and that’s right for you. For me, it’s all about orange because this Angel is also associated with the Sacral Chakra which happens to be orange.


As mentioned in the COLOR tab, AA Gabriel is associated with the Sacral Chakra, which of course is orange.

The Sacral Chakra is located about 2″ below our navel. It’s our creativity center and the place where our sexuality resides. Here, we are able to connect with others and except new experiences (both physical and emotional) in our lives.


Did you guess Citrine? You’re right! Orange is a very high energy color which makes it perfect to get those creative juices flowing. As far as crystals, again think along those lines. Although Amber is not considered a crystal, it’s considered a gemstone, I use Amber when I work on my Sacral or want to connect with Gabriel.


There are probably several oils you can use that is associated with Gabriel but again, I keep the theme of color unified which helps me stay focused.

I use Ginger when I’m working on an art project and need Gabriel’s help for inspiration. I can’t even tell you how many times I called on him to help me when I need creative inspiration for my paintings.


Is AA Gabriel a HE or a SHE?

The answer to this, and it pertains to most Angels, is that they are both and neither.

Again, we perceive our Angels in any form that we want to and for me, Gabriel is a HE.

I visualize him as the smart, geeky kid that we all knew in school, you know the kind with thick, black framed glasses, holding books and just the cutest little “Mr. Know-It-All” you can fathom.


Did you know that some Angels are associated with a spot on the compass? Gabriel is WEST … and guess what colors you happen to see in sunsets? See how this all ties in?


Music? Yes music! Each Chakra is represented by a musical note. The Sacral Chakra, Gabriel’s, is the note of D.

If you are musically included and happen to be lucky enough to know what key a song is in, listen for the songs in D.

OR … have a musical instrument in your home? Find the D chord or note and take it from there.


It’s all related! Since Gabriel is West on the compass, that also means that his Element is WATER.

The element of water is all about our emotions. See the connection to the Sacral Chakra? Don’t you just love this????

The Water element is also CUPS if you’re using Tarot Cards and the Heart if you read with a regular deck of cards like I do.

Tap into what you LOVE and what you FEEL when you put all of this together.



Since AA Gabriel is of the WATER element, he would be the one to ask if you have questions about love, family, intimacy, sexuality and friendships.

Having fertility issues? He’s the Angel to help you with that as well.

Since he also represents the Sacral Chakra, Gabriel can help with many physical symptoms that you may have that is associated with this chakra, for instance.

When the Sacral is out of balance, you may have eating problems or reproductive issues. Keep in mind the Sacral Chakra is in the belly area so what are the organs and issues you could have there?

When this chakra is beautiful, orange and in balance, our creative and sexual centers are energized and we feel good!

How to balance this out? Of course the first thing to do is connect with Archangel Gabriel and ask for help with the issue you are having.

Keep the Sacral Chakra in mind AND it’s color. Color place a big role here if you’d need to balance out this Chakra. Think orange. What in particular?

  • wear orange clothes
  • eat orange foods such as yams, carrots, apricots, peaches, melon, pumpkin, turmeric, sweet potatoes,
  • use your citrine crystals and amber when meditating
  • make love
  • get creative and paint or work on a craft you enjoy


Did you know that Gabriel was the Angel that told Mary she was going to be the Mother of Christ? See how this ties is with love and family issues?

If you are a new Mom, or any Mom for that matter, and have questions about Motherhood or children, Archangel Gabriel is the one to connect to.


You’ll often see Gabriel holding a trumpet or a white lily. He blows the trumpet to wake the dead on Judgement Day. We all know what the lily means right? It’s the symbol of purity. He is also sometimes shown with and olive tree in the background which is representative of peace. Pretty nice symbols don’t you think?

Keep in mind that we all see Angels as WE need to see them. I see Gabriel as a male and his look? He has long blonde hair, thick black framed glasses and carries many books. Why do I see him that way? It’s just the way he presents himself to me so I can connect with him.

Since I’m a very creative person, I see him as a Teacher, thus the books and just and Angel that knows it all which where the geeky look comes in.

You, may see him or her, completely different and that’s 100% fine. It doesn’t matter how we SEE Angels that’s important, it’s how the FEEL to us.





11 thoughts on “Everything You Wanted To Know About Archangel Gabriel

  1. Love this idea of yours to do each angel. I have seen a couple Angels in my lifetime. Wasn’t sure at the time who they were. I have had to ask one of my friends that is more connected than me. I forget to ask questions when things happen to/for me. I sort of forget everything at the time. The time that Metatron came he announced who he was to me. My friend laughed. He said that it was funny the they sent Metatron because he is a “kick ya in the butt” angel.. We both laughed because that is exactly what I need. HA!

    Have a wonderful day Donna!

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  3. Dear Sir,
    Please I read through your site, and I am happy to mail to ask you this piece of question.
    Please how can I see the AA Gabriel, plainly for interrogation and assistance? Is there any particular talisman, formula or prayer that you can afford me to invoke the AA Gabriel? And much is the cost price?
    Thanks And Regard,
    J T

    • Joseph, first off, if you indeed read my site you’d know that I’m a ma’am not a sir. You can also read more about Gabriel by going to the search box and typing in Gabriel. If you still don’t find what you’re looking for please send my an email and I’ll be happy to assist you further.

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