Angel Habbiel Talks About Friendships

Sometimes Angel Oracle cards have a strong message – well they all do but not all of them deliver the feeling of lollipops and unicorns. This card, one of my favorites when I ask about friendships, is so very powerful and always comes up in a very timely manner.

when friends are not loyal

This is a card that comes up often for me – why? Because LOYALTY is very important to me, especially in friendships.

It’s hard to be LOYAL when egos and jealousies get in the way and that’s unfortunate, EGO and JEALOUSLY can destroy so much.

Here, HABBIEL asks friends to find trust and openness to commit to each other because without that, there is no foundation for friendship.

As we all know, friendships last for a reason and when the reason is fulfilled, the friendship diminishes. However, when it leaves too soon because of EGO or JEALOUSLY, that is sad.

With the red heart pendant around her neck and wearing white, HABBIEL patiently sits on a bench but only sits for so long before she gets up and walks away. As the dawn sky rises in the background, she encourages new beginnings but only with those that have a true heart for friendship.

Have a friendship that ended too soon? Know that there is nothing that you can do when their ego gets in the way just “bless them on their journey” and know that your heart was in the right place. Not everything is meant to be or meant to last, only Angels of course 🙂

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