Everything You Wanted To Know About Archangel Metatron


LIKE A BULL IN A CHINA SHOP. That’s no way to start talking about an Angel, or is it? It is when we’re talking Archangel Metatron.

angel hug auras and spirits

Having “seen” this Angel many times before, I can tell you that its like a man with way too much cologne on, there is no way you can miss his presence. You can sense him 5 minutes before he’s in the room.

HE HAS A BROTHER? Yes! Metatron used to walk the earth as a human and he had a brother, Sandalphon. Over time, they both ascended into  the Angelic Realm.

HOW DID I SEE METATRON?  That is a good question and the answer not only applies to Metatron but to ALL Angels.

When someone says they see an Angel, keep in mind that Angels don’t stand in front of us with all their feathers on and with a halo floating above their head – that’s Hollywood.

Angels are energy. Each Angel, and I’ll explain each Angel in my future Angel posts, all have a different energy and feeling. The way we perceive that energy is how we see them. It’s really hard to understand and even more challenging to explain but each of us will see the same Angel in a different way.

HOW DO I KNOW IT WAS AN ANGEL? Here is an Angel (see graphic: Angel unknown) energy that I saw in my bonus room one day. I was on  the treadmill, no I wasn’t drinking, and out from the corner of my eye I saw a white fuzzy area. I looked at it straight on and it was whitish and had irregular sides. The top looked a little elongated like a head and the sides did flair out a bit like wings. It was about three feet off the ground and moved fairly quickly.


Back to the question — how do I know it was an Angel? Because I asked it. I asked in my mind, “are you an Angel?” No sooner did I ask, I heard the word “Angel” spoken from someone in a commercial on TV. That is 100% Angel confirmation.

Back to Metatron.

WHAT DOES METATRON LOOK LIKE? Well, I can’t tell you what he  looks exactly like but I can tell you how I know when he’s in the room.

When I feel Metatron around me, he drops color hints left and right.


What are his colors? They are the colors that you’d see in the facet of a diamond or crystals.

See the blue, pink, green, yellow and white? There are more colors of the rainbow if you look closely but basically, when you see a flash of these iridescent hues, there’s a really good chance that Metatron has just entered the room.

  • It could be a reflection from a crystal that you have hung on the window that reflects the luminous colors back in the room.
  • It can be when you notice the colors in your diamond ring and how the colors dance on the walls when the sun hits it.
  • It can be the colors that you notice in an oil spill — you know how colorful oil can be right?
  • It can be how the light catches a reflective surface just right and bounces back a rainbow of hues from pink to purple on the walls or floor.

It can be a combination of any of these colors that just happen to catch your attention and it makes you stop and think. For that moment in time when you noticed these colors, what are you thinking about? Who are you thinking about? Take note of what you are doing at the time these colors pop in. That is how Angels get our attention.

METATRON POPS UP ANYWHERE! Yes, not just in that China shop but anywhere.



One evening I was out with my Husband having a drink. I happen to look down at my martini and noticed the colors. Remember the colors of the crystals I was telling you about? Well, here is a perfect example of   how those colors can pop up.

When I looked at my drink, I smiled because I knew it was Metatron. Also, see the crystals that I posted earlier? I happen to be wearing the crystals this night and when I put them on, I felt his presence again. When I saw my martini just about 30 minutes later, it was confirmed.

See how the color of Angels work? I strongly  recommend you start a journal and keep track of these coincidences of color that you come across and watch for a pattern.

WHAT DOES METATRON HELP US WITH? I connect with Metatron using crystals or diamonds. You may find that other crystals help that connection and it’s perfectly ok.

When I want clarity with my job, career or even with the project of the day, I call in Metatron. He helps me stay balanced and focused for when I need to accomplish a big task or one that I find a challenge to work on  by myself and ESPECIALLY if it has to do with my Spiritual path.


METATRON IS NO SQUARE. Well, he is kinda. Ever hear of Metatron’s Cube? That his tool! The interesting factoid about Metatron’s Cube is that this alone contains every single geometric shape known to man. Isn’t it pretty?


Metatron gets heavy into the Platonic  Solids and Geometric Shapes but his main deal is this cube.

HOW TO USE HIS CUBE. This is the fun part. Now open your 3rd eye and visualize with me.

  • close your eyes
  • picture his very colorful cube on top of your head
  • with your 3rd Eye, visualize your Crown Chakra opening
  • now visualize his cube entering your Crown Chakra
  • as the cube enters your body, it’s edges touch your being
  • it collects all that shouldn’t or doesn’t need to be there leaving your body and chakra system cleared and cleaned
  • visualize the cube going in and around all your chakras, much like a broom, and sweep it throughout your body
  • as the Cube goes through your body, it exists your feet, goes into the ground and releases all the stuff it collected into Mother Earth
  • You are now sneaky clean and feel great

WHAT DOES METATRON FEEL LIKE? To me, he feels like confidence. I call him my “New York Angel” because he’s strong, confident, quick and helps you well, in a New York second.

  • He’s the feeling you get when you know you are right and you stand up just  little bit straighter
  • He’s the feeling of “I got this!”
  • He’s the feeling you get when you have an “ah-ha” moment
  • His color should really be RED because he is full of energy and power
  • He feels like a really, really deep inhale
  • He feels like a full belly on Thanksgiving
  • He is the feeling of self confidence
  • He is courage
  • He is bold and a tad boisterous
  • He is pure love and support – like all the Angels

FEEL LIKE YOU KNOW METATRON A LITTLE BIT BETER NOW?  I bet you felt him all along but just didn’t realize it. Connect with him. Feel his presence. Use his Cube. Enhance your Spiritual path with Archangel Metatron.

I hope you enjoyed this information on Metatron. For more information, do an Internet search and read all about his Platonic Solids. They are a plethora of information!

What to read about another Angel? Here is Gabriel


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