In Times of Hardship, Angels Are Everywhere

So much is going on these days and now, Hurricane Matthew. That is a lot of energy swirling around, energies of  worry, sadness, disbelief and anger.

Whenever there is a concentration of that energy around – and you’ll find it in hospitals, funeral homes and dentist offices just to name a few, you’ll find Angels.

angels protect

Life can be scary but please know your Angels are right by your side – always! Feel that they are there, know that they are protecting and watching over you. Talk to them and ask for help and protection.

When times are tough, try not to give into the negative. Do the opposite and think love, healing and light. Push out that feeling and change the vibration around you. I WILL make a difference!

Today, I pray for all who are in the path of Hurricane Matthew. There are many Angels around you today ❤

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