Who Are The Four Main Archangels?

As we all know, Angels have roles. Some protect, some heal, some show us balance and focus and some, if not most, show us love and support.

The Archangels in particular have very specific roles. Each one, and there are four main Archangels, even represents a specific Element, Season and direction on the compass.

Let’s briefly go over that.

all about the archangels

Angel: Archangel Michael
Element: Fire
Direction: South
Season: Summer

Angel: Archangel Uriel
Element: Earth
Direction: North
Season: Winter

Angel: Archangel Raphael
Element: Air
Direction: East
Season: Spring

Angel: Archangel Gabriel
Element: Water
Direction: West
Season: Autumn

There are so, so, so many Angels but these four should be your go to Angels. Which Angel should you call to help you? That depends on what you need help with. I’m just going to keep each Angel in one paragraph so it’s easy of you to follow so grammar police, look away.

MICHAEL: Let’s start with Archangel Michael. Call him in when you need protection, after all he carries one big sword. He’s here to protect you 24/7 if that’s what you desire.  Speaking of desire, that is what his element of Fire is all about. It’s passion, energy, unpredictable and basically is all about motivation. Since I know Michael is the South direction, I face South when I call him in or need his guidance. It just strengthens the connection for me. Is it a coincidence that his Season is Summer? It’s one “hot” season now isn’t it?

URIEL: Archangel Uriel is all about grounding. You may see Angel cards (and yes I know, my Angels cards show above are very sexy) with him wearing red which is a grounding color because it’s all about the Root Chakra which happens to be red. Feel a little floaty in the head? Unfocused? Wishy-washy? These are all indications that you probably should do a little more grounding to keep your feet firmly on the ground and your head out of the clouds. Once you are grounded, pretty much everything else falls into place. Having said that, it makes total sense that his Element is Earth. When you need some “down to earth” help in guidance, practical matters or family/financial issues, he is the one to call. The Earth Element is solid and stable which is where all the grounding comes in. Uriel’s direction is North. Think about the Northern states for a minute. Most of them have pretty cold winters right? Uriel’s Element happens to be Winter which is obviously a cold season. Pretty “cool” isn’t it? Thinking like this is an easy way to remember all these Angel factoids.

RAPHAEL: Oh the Angel of healing. We call on Raphael for health issues mainly. Raphael has a perpetual, loving, magical band-aid and constantly wraps her healing wings around the Earth. She is also about new beginnings. Think about young love, new love and that feeling you have when you first fall in love. It’s so new, so beautiful and what – gets you right where? In the heart. That’s where love is of course! This is where her Air Element comes in. It’s about new thoughts, new beginnings, healing, joy and embracing. It also happens to fit perfectly into her Season of Spring. What happens in Spring? Flowers grow, new grass comes up and everything comes alive after a cold, still winter. New beginnings right there! Oh and her direction is East which is all about sunrises and a NEW day begins. Call Raphael when you’re thinking about starting something new or are looking for a different direction in life. She also gives amazing Angel hugs when you or someone you know needs a little TLC.

GABRIEL: He is often seen holding a trumpet. Now this is very interesting if you think about it. Trumpets are a fairly loud instrument so when someone is playing one, you can definitely hear it right? His messages come in that loud and clear. Let me start with his direction which is West. What do we normally see in the West? Sunsets right? Sunsets are the END of the day, the CLOSING of a day and all good things come to an end right? Right. Gabriel comes in blowing his horn with messages suggesting that it’s time to stop or to end something that pertains to you. You have to stop in order to start. See where this is going? Oh I can talk about his for hours!!!!!! It’s also compared to death which is an ending very much like the sunset. What’s the amazing thing about all this? Right after a sunset you find a glorious sunrise. Sunrises are all about new beginnings which now ties into Raphael. Isn’t this freaking amazing????????

Ok Angels. This is just barely the tip of the iceberg but I wanted to get these little factoids out to you today. Hold these four Archangels close to you. They are strong, powerful, loving and are with you everyday. Now that you know a little about each one, call the one that you need help with based on their direction, Element or even Season.

If you want to go into more detail about these Archangels. I am available for Mentor sessions.

3 thoughts on “Who Are The Four Main Archangels?

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    • Andzella, I’ve seen cards where Raphael is a he and a she. Angels are neither male nor female, they are both and neither. Some Angels are hands down male but for the most part, they are energy and WE categorize them as male or female so WE can connect with them. They are pure energy.

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