Archangel Auriel and The Moon Phases

Sometimes in life if feels like the lights are turned off and there is darkness.  People we know and trusted turn on us, politics turn hateful and even Mother Nature casts darkness in lives with her powerful grip that turns a beautiful day into destruction.

Why does this all happen? There are so many reasons.

Archangel auriel and the full moon

As far as people, there is nothing more destructive than ego and jealously. Keep in mind, it’s not about you, it’s all about them. They have a lower vibration and don’t belong in your beautiful, loving world. It’s a hard lesson to realize but once you do, you will feel lighter.

Politics have never been more hateful and destructive and it seems like it’s only getting worse. Here, what you see is not the entire story. We are getting bits and pieces of just a small but very important picture and we have to have faith that it will turn out for the best. Stop feeding into the hate! Bring out the positive of both parties. Share that feeling instead because doing so, will have a better more powerful result.

Mother Nature has her own agenda. What we see as destructive and death is her realigning earth to awaken and change the thought process of people. Loss is never a good thing but what happens as an end result is love. It brings families and friends together as a whole when our homes and lives get rattled.

Mother Nature steps in again and provides us with a full moon scheduled just at the right time when so many of us feel that we are left in the dark. Talk about timing right?

When you find yourself searching for answers or a path that will lead you more so to what suits you, look up and feel the power of the moon. That light, that strong, lunar energy,  is there for all of us. Use it to recharge yourself and ask it to shine upon you and help guide you where you need to be.

Archangel Auriel is all about the moon and the moon phases. She shines the light on those who can’t see clearly. She brings light into the lives of those who have too much darkness to be able to see the bigger picture.

Her light, the full moon, is not only bright but it’s magical as well. When we look up at the moon in the night sky, most of us see the same moon on a clear night. That is unity. That is love.

The light of the full moon illuminates so we can see clearly as our path fogs over from chaos. Let the chaos go and tap into the illumination of the moon. Use it as a flashlight to help shine the way for where you need to be because where you’re going, is so much better than where you’ve been. Trust that.

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