Angels and Chakras: Zadkiel and The Crown Chakra

Did you know that some Angels are associated with Chakras? They sure are! I’m going to start a series of Angels and Chakras, starting with Archangel Zadkiel and the Crown. Nothing like starting at the top with the 7th Chakra!

angels and chakras Zadkiel and the crown


VIOLET: Oh this is a special one and it’s all about Archangel Zadkiel and your Crown Chakra. This chakra is all about your Spiritual connection and is located on the top of your head.

Ever feel like there are bugs crawling on the top of your head? I know that sounds gross but that is a sure indication of your Crown Chakra awakening. You may also see some of your little hairs start to lift up. I know because that has happened to me for months before it subsided.
Anyway, this beautiful Angel will help you connect you with your Divine Source.
How to connect?
  • wear violet or incorporate that paint color in your home
  • collect Amethysts – lots of them!
  • connect to your Spiritual self
  • there really are no specific foods for this, just make healthy food choices. Some say eating coconut will help with this chakra probably because it’s a white, natural food. Basically for the Crown, eat the foods that you are drawn too.

You’ll feel when this chakra is out of balance. How? Because your day will be consumed with Spiritual stuff day and night. Life is all about balance, keep that scale right in the middle.

I love spending my day thinking about Spiritual events, Angels, crystals and all the woo-woo stuff as people often call it. However, as magical as that is, your day shouldn’t be consumed by it.

Since I write this blog, most of my day goes to this chakra and yes, I get off-balance. To adjust this, I head on outside and get in the garden! Did you just say “grounding?” This is exactly what that is and I did it yesterday. Today, I feel good and back on the woo-woo tract.

Just one more color fact on this chakra. I also painted my office a very similar color to the circle I have in the graphic but a little lighter. It feels amazing!!!!! I highly recommend a pink-purple hue for your meditation room. I guarantee it will be the perfect choice for that room. You can come yell at me if it’s not 🙂

2 thoughts on “Angels and Chakras: Zadkiel and The Crown Chakra

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