The 3rd Eye Chakra: How Do Insights Help Us?

The 3rd Eye Chakra or Brow Chakra is all about insight. How do we trust what we see? What do you do with the information that is shown to us?

the third eye is all about insights

In my dream last night I visited a home that I used to live in. It looked different.

The home was older, in dire need of repair and just looked like it wasn’t lived in for years. It was so sad!

This is the home that I used to lived in for 15 years. It was my first real home and it’s where I raised my kids. Many birthdays, Anniversaries, milestones and just where good times were made. A lot happened in 15 years.

It got me thinking. What does it mean when we are given an insight either in a dream or via our 3rd Eye? How do we interpret what we see?

Let’s take a deeper look.

Is it ever a good idea to “go back” to what you had? No, not really. Why would you go back when it took you a long time to move forward? There are a lot of lessons you’ve learned while going forward and to go back would undo all the progress right?

Not really.

As I was thinking about the dream I had and looking at the shattered house that I once called home, it made me realize how much I’ve grown since I left that house.

Looking back, things are never the same as we remember. We see things through different eyes, mature eyes, experienced eyes. It’s like a kids going to a carnival. The kids see it as fun , how much cotton candy they can eat and how high and fast they can go on a ride. Adults see it as an event that yes, will be fun for the kids but I’m about to pay way too much for that teddy bear my kid is going to try to win.

They are all good experiences but just viewed differently. That’s what the 3rd Eye does.

We are shown images either through dreams or in our mind, and it’s up to us to figure out how we are going to process it all. Do we take it literally and say, “oh my house just fell apart since I left because only I could take care of it like it needed.” That’s ego.

Or do we interpret it as “things are never the same when we turn back. It’s nice to hold onto a memory but look at it, remember all the lessons that you’ve learned and use those experiences to help you in the present and in the future.” That’s growth.

Past memories and experiences are life’s little lessons that help us move forward, make us stronger, smarter and more prepared for the role we are about to play.

So what are my final thoughts about seeing my first home in shambles?

When we go back in life, the people who were in our lives at the time played important roles for us AT THAT TIME. Our kids, our family and our friends all were a part of helping us grow.

Now, those people somehow have changed.

Our kids have grown, some of the friends are no longer in our lives and even our family members have changed as far as the roles they play in our lives.

Kids are now adults and we no longer have to watch their every move. We can enjoy watching and helping them enjoy life and learn their lessons. We are now here to support them in their journey.

Friends come and go and we all know it’s for a reason. When that reason is fulfilled, they leave our life. That is how we grow. We are like sponges and soak up all of life as it’s given to us. After a while we ring out that sponge and make room for more water or life’s experiences. When we have all that we can absorb at that time, we process it or store it, then move on for more.

Parents are either no longer with us or we are now taking care of them. Roles have shifted. Nothing stays the same.

Going back to see what we once had is wonderful IF we go back to remember what we’ve learned or experienced that made us who we are today. It’s like building blocks.

Nothing is the same when we go back but going back is necessary when we are about to move forward.

Life is good. Insights are amazing. Dig deep into what you see and take those images apart piece by piece and think about them for a while to see what you come up with. Using your third eye enhances your life’s experiences. Use that to your full advantage.

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