Feeling Unfulfilled At Your Job? Ask Spirit For Advice

Are you starting to feel unfulfilled at your job? I sure am and things need to change.

Career change is always a big step and a lot of thought has to go into it. How do you know when it’t the right time to make the move?

Come hear how I found out that it’s my turn to change.

time to make a career change

My painting sales have been wonderful and I get so much joy sharing that gift with my clients. Spirit has told me yesterday that I MUST contine to do what I love AND to teach. Here’s what happened.

I was playing around with a regular deck of cards and I asked Spirit, “If I am meant to be a Teacher you must show me a sign.”

I then proceeded to ask to see cards, 3, 5 and 8.

I pulled the first card and it was  2.

I pulled a second card and it was a 10.

Not feeling the connection because these are not the cards I asked for.

I pulled another card and it was a 3.

I pulled another card and it was 5.

The last card HAD to be an 8 otherwise I was going to throw in the towel. I said outloud, “If I am going to be a Teacher for all that is Spiritual, I have to see an 8 otherwise it’s not going to happen. If you show me an 8, I will drop everything and start moving forward with my Teaching path tomorrow but you MUST show me an 8.”

Guess what card I pulled? It was the 8 of hearts!!!!!!!! I screamed and just stopped breathing as my mouth remained wide open for a good minute! I could not believe this very strong connection!!!

the cards say it all

Also, now that I think about it – the two cards I pulled first, 2 and 10 actually was an 8 if you subtract them.

This is a VERY VERY strong and clear message from Spirit and moving forward, I will be calling a local retreat in my area today to secure a room to hold my class.

I also realized something else. ALL this other stuff that I’ve been posting here was just all over the place! Angel Tips, Angel of the Week, Card Readings etc.

I was saying to myself just yesterday that I have all these ideas I just can’t get them out fast enough. I asked Spirit for help and they told me that they were all lesson plans. How do you like them apples?

So, today I will start paving my way to be a Teach! Much to do and to plan for 🙂

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