How To Use A Deck Of Cards To Connect With Your Angels

What ways do you communicate with Angels? Have you ever worked with a regular deck of cards?

using cards to connect with angels

• Red can be yes, black can be no.
• Suits are very similar to Tarot.
• Into numerology? Focus on that
• Have a question about love? Look for the Hearts (Cups)
• Career? It’s all about the Diamonds (Pentacles)
• Creativity? Clubs (Wands)
• Head stuff? Spades (Swords)

1 – Ace – Beginning, success, goals, milestones, new, self-love, hope, ego, I AM
2 – Connection – union, meetings, open paths, partnerships, togetherness, contracts, teamwork,
3 – Communication – new roads, choices, verbalize,
4 – Foundation – base, make or break, teeter, stay centered, choices
5 – Love/Joy – middle point, safe,
6 – Balance – secure, teeter,
7 – Sacrifice – work around obstacles, good things come to those who wait
8 – Wisdom – strength, strong, feel good number, infinity, no beginning, no end
9 – Completion – goals reached, retirement, let go, you’re done, ending, door open/close, victory
10 – Success – goals reached, top of the world, achievements, fulfilled,

I’ve noticed that numbers represent different things depending on who’s doing the reading – that’s ok! Go with your gut.

The cool thing about reading with these cards is you can practice or read anywhere and people think you are playing Solitaire 

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