Medical Readings: A Review To Share

My world is constantly changing and I know that nothing is impossible. The other day when someone asked to do a Medial Reading for her, without hesitation I jumped right in.

After the reading she shared her experience and wrote these lovely words that I would like to share with you today.

“I am so impressed with Donna’s connection with Spirit and the Angels. I have had a lot of stress lately and it has caused some health concerns for me.  Donna did a Medical reading for me. 

She asked me to relax and meditate. Through out the mediation I felt different energies in all parts of my body. This went on for about an hour for me. I felt like she and AA Raphael were working on me the entire time. After the meditation we shared our experience. She was bouncing around in my body! 

She was told that I have “short tubes” to my bladder. My Dr told me that several years ago I have a short urethra. That is pretty specific and on target!!

We had a very strong connection. I felt so much better today. Donna thank you so much for your commitment to the gifts that you have. I can feel when you are sending Reiki to me. Thank you for your loving compassion! I whole heartedly recommend Donna to help anyone. She is a beautiful role model.”

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