How Can You Tell When You Have Angels Around You?

I was going to write a Halloween post today since today is October 31st, but as usual, I’m directed to talk about Angels.

Many people have asked me, “how can you tell when you have Angels around you?” I know it’s different for everyone but I can tell you how I know that they’re around me.

How can you tell that angels are around you

So, you think you have Angels around you? Of course you do! How can you tell when you can’t see them? Let me talk about the ways that I know my Team is always with me.

I know you’re first going to ask if I can see them. No. I don’t see my Angels but now that I think about it, how do I know? Every now and then I see a smokey flash whiz by me. Could that be MY Angel or another energy just flying by? Good question.

For me, Angels are a FEEL more so than a SEE. That is one of the reasons I chose this graphic. It’s a tree that is growing in my backyard and the leaves look like hearts. I took this picture yesterday and when I looked at it, I thought of my Angels. This is just one way they can connect with you. It’s when you look at some object that totally has nothing to do with Angels and yet they come to mind when you look at it. It could be a rock, a flower, a butterfly, cloud, pattern in the grass, a song – anything at all. For me, the feeling of LOVE is so strong when I feel my Angels around, then of course I’d think of them when I notice a heart, especially in Nature.

How else? Of course all the pennies, feathers and number sequences that you’ve all been noticing 1,000 times a day now. That is really how they start to get your attention. They start off small then really throw big hints at you if you don’t pay attention. Trust me when I tell you, when they have something to tell you, they WILL let you know – loud and clear.  Here’s a post on how you can use regular playing cards to start a line of commutation with your Angels.

Speaking of questions, Angels LOVE questions!!! After all, how can they talk to you if you don’t ask them questions? They eventually will but they so prefer you asking them a question and having them answer it rather than dropping pennies and feathers all over the place to get your attention. It’s a simple as saying, “Hey [ insert Angel of your choice ] can you show me what …” They like when you ask the questions where they can suggest to you either option A or B. Don’t just say, “When will I be rich and famous?” Keep in mind they give you suggestions and everything is about free will. They will suggest a choice to you but YOU have to decide to act on it otherwise that opportunity is lost.

I’ve asked my Angels at lest 100 times already if I should be a Teacher of some sort in this beautiful Metaphysical world and I can’t even begin to tell you how many yes’ I got. When I’d ask this question I’d hear TEACHER on TV or the word TEACHER just happened to jump out in a book that I was reading. I’d even pull cards for myself self and the TEACHER card would show up time and time again.

Last week I was using my regular deck of playing cards to talk to my Angels. I asked out loud, “if this TEACHER thing is to be my path, you must show me a sign. If you do, I will put it in motion tomorrow.”

I asked the Angels to show me three cards, a 3, 5 and 8. Simple request right? What’s the chances of me pulling those three cards right in a row? Very, very slim.

So, I pulled one card and it was a 2. “Oh well” I said to myself.

The second card I pulled was a 10. “Bummer” I also said to myself.

I proceed to pull some more cards and the next one was a 3. NOW it shows up? Just too late is all.

Then another card and it’s a 5. So what do I have? A 2, 10, 3, 5 and all I needed was an 8.

As I held my hand over the deck of cards, I said out loud, “this next card HAS to be an 8 otherwise, this Teacher thing is not for me. If it’s an 8, I will SO be the best Teacher I can be and NEVER question this path again.”

With my heart racing and my hand held over the cards I said out loud, “this HAS to be and 8. This HAS to be an 8.”

I removed my hand from the cards and with my heart racing I started to flip over the next card. On one hand I was thinking that it would be so cool to see that 8 but the chances were just not there. Are my Angels listening to me? Do they want me to be a Teacher for them? Can this happen? So with my heart beating out of my chest I flipped the card over and see this:

angel messages

Not only was it an 8 but it was the 8 of hearts!!!!! I screamed and literally stopped breathing for what felt like minutes. After a few seconds and a big gasp of air, I looked at the cards that I had on the table. Now follow this:






What does 2 minus 10 equal? 8. I did not realize that until a few hours later. Not only did they give me the cards I asked for, my Angels were very clever by using math. Isn’t that cool????

To sum that up, the very next day I secured a room at a local B&B and booked a class that a few people already signed up for. It was that easy!!!! Am I worried about how many people will show up? Heck no. My Angels are the ones who lined this up for me so I have 100% confidence that they will also fill my class up. I have that trust.

So my fiends, THIS is how you know when your Angels are around. You ask, you notice, you feel, you see and you trust. They ARE there, ALWAYS. The sooner you feel comfortable with that and just trust and talk to them, you entire world will change. I promise!


2 thoughts on “How Can You Tell When You Have Angels Around You?

  1. Just a little note to say hello. I was guided to your site yesterday, watched your video about yourself and felt that instant connection. Wonderful blog! Thanks for sharing😇 .
    Saint Lazare, Quebec, Canada.

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